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  Article updated: July 14, 2021

Customer satisfaction surveys in Sparkcentral

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) is an important metric for every customer centric-organization. Sparkcentral allows you to create custom surveys that ask users for feedback when conversations are resolved. To use the CSAT feature in Sparkcentral, you'll first need to enable Resolve Reasons (for more information, see Sparkcentral resolve reasons). Only conversations resolved with Resolution Provided are surveyed for customer satisfaction.

To create, view, or edit a CSAT survey:

  1. Select the Settings tab.
  2. Expand Virtual Agents, and then select CSAT Surveys.

You can apply surveys to any channel and specify multiple languages. You can create multiple surveys if you want to send different versions for different channels. Surveys can include multiple followup questions based the user's response to your primary question.

Choose a survey trigger

At any time, you can change the type of resolution that triggers a survey. The options include:

  • Human Agents
  • Human and Virtual Agents

Add a new CSAT survey

To create a new survey, select Add CSAT Survey. Enter a name for the new survey, and then select your options.

Starting the CSAT Survey

  • Enter the percentage of contacts you want to survey.
  • Choose whether to send the survey immediately after closing a conversation or after a specified period of time. Then, to avoid sending the same survey multiple times to the same user, select the frequency at which your survey will be sent.
  • Optionally, set a minimum length of the response sent to a customer to trigger a survey. For example, you might not want to send a survey if an agent response was very short.
  • Optionally, select the option to send a survey in the customers’ language only.

Conducting the CSAT Survey

Default survey questions and options are provided for you, including a default initial question and user keywords that trigger automatic responses. Select any of the fields to edit any of the content or settings. You may also delete any default follow-up responses you don't want to use.

We suggest selecting each option next to If the contact to review all the default options.

Apply to Channels

In this section, select to enable one or more channels and specify any preferred language.

What does it look like to the customer?

The CSAT survey is an integrated part of the conversation with your customer. On channels such as Facebook Messenger, customers can simply select a button to provide you with their feedback.

Get notified about low CSAT scores

You can choose to receive notifications about conversations with low CSAT scores. Select My Settings, select Notifications, and the select the check box under CSAT.

View CSAT results in conversation headers and conversation histories

If CSAT has been received for a conversation, the CSAT score appears in the conversation header. The full CSAT survey is part of the conversation history. The CSAT score and conversation history can both provide valuable information for subsequent interactions with customers.

If you do not want to see the CSAT survey as part of your conversation history, select Conversation View above the conversation, and then clear the CSAT Surveys check box.

View CSAT reporting

Sparkcentral offers two ways to view CSAT results.

On the Analytics tab, select Reports. Then:

  • For overall data, select Customer Satisfaction, and then select CSAT.
  • For agent data, select User / Team, and then select User Overview.

Export CSAT results

CSAT scores and comments can be exported as part of the Resolved Conversations export. Learn more at Sparkcentral data exports.