Facebook Profile and Page changes - July 17, 2018


As a result of Facebook’s announced API updates in April which impact how partners like Hootsuite use their data, the following changes to the Hootsuite dashboard are going into effect on August 1, 2018.

1. Publishing and engagement for Facebook profiles will be deprecated

It will no longer be possible to post or schedule to personal Facebook profiles. Profiles will be removed from the social network picker in the legacy composer, new composer, bulk composer, Publisher calendar, RSS feed setup, and the Hootsuite mobile apps. This will also impact the RSS AutoPublisher app in the app directory. Furthermore, Hootsuite users will not be able to like, edit, delete, comment on or share to their Facebook profile posts.

Messages scheduled to Facebook profiles after August 1 will fail to publish.

If you use Facebook for your business, we encourage you to create a Facebook Page. Learn more about how you can drive business results with a Facebook Page in this blog post.

Note that Facebook profiles will still be supported in the dashboard for monitoring and sharing from streams. There are no impacts on publishing to Facebook Pages or groups.

2. Targeting functionality for Facebook Page posts will be limited (Enterprise feature)

It will no longer be possible to target organic posts by gender or language when publishing to Facebook Pages. Age targeting will also be limited to specifying a minimum age of 13, 17, 18, 19 or 21.

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