Changes to Twitter publishing - March 19, 2018


Twitter recently announced that on March 23, 2018, they will be making changes to their policies in an effort to reduce the proliferation of spam on their platform. Twitter is restricting the ability for users to automate actions across multiple accounts. This includes posting the same tweet to more than one Twitter profile at once. These changes apply to all integration partners that use Twitter's API, including Hootsuite, and Twitter’s own TweetDeck.

Hootsuite supports Twitter’s aims to reduce disingenuous activity on social media. See our blog post for guidance on your social strategy. To comply with these new policies, all customers will see the following changes in our products on March 22.

Publishing tweets

Hootsuite dashboard, Hootsuite mobile apps, Hootsuite Amplify, Hootlet, and Hootsuite’s Publisher API

As of March 22, tweets can only be published to one Twitter profile at a time. When more than one Twitter profile is selected from the profile picker, an error message will appear and the post cannot be published or scheduled until only one Twitter profile is selected.

It is still possible to publish the same message to one Twitter profile and multiple other social networks.

Identical tweets that are currently scheduled to publish to multiple Twitter handles within one month of March 23, 2018 should publish as expected.

RSS feeds

RSS feeds can no longer be set up to publish to Twitter profiles. Existing RSS feeds that are currently publishing to Twitter will be disabled on March 22.

As an alternate solution to the native RSS feature, the Hootsuite app directory offers partner app integrations that can act as feed readers, including: