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  Article updated: April 16, 2024

Create a thread

Important: This feature is currently in development and is available as a beta release on the web version of Hootsuite only (not on mobile). Threads are currently not available in Streams or Analytics. Watch for a full release in the future.

Create and publish your threads from Hootsuite. To save time, you can publish to several Threads accounts or social networks at once. You can choose to publish threads right away, or schedule them in advance for a specific day and time.

Create your thread

Threads must be created using the web version of Hootsuite. Mobile is not available at this time. Polls are not supported.

  1. You can start your post from Composer or the Planner week view . Learn about scheduling posts in a content calendar.
  2. Select the Threads profile you'd like to publish to. 
  3. Create your thread. The character limit for threads is 500. You can include the following in your thread.
    • Links - If you include a link, the preview on the right appears as plain text. See Work with link previews.
    • Emoji - Select the smiley face to add emoji.
    • Mentions - Enter @username in your thread to invite others on social to join a conversation, and help your thread reach their audience as well as your own. Mentions remain in plain text until the thread is published. Read more about mentions.
  4. To shorten a link, below the Content area, select Shorten with The full links remain visible in the Content area, while the post preview on the right displays the shortened link.
  5. To add link tracking parameters, below the Content area, select Add tracking, select, and then select Custom. Enter your campaign name, type, and value, and then select Apply.
  6. Add up to 10 images or a video to your thread. You can add either images or video, not both, to your thread. You have the following options when working with media:
  7. When you’re finished creating your thread, take a look at the preview on the right to see how it will look on Threads. You'll be alerted if there are any issues. Save a draft of your thread if you're not ready to publish or schedule it. Otherwise, select a Post now or Schedule for later option.
     Schedule for later and Post now with arrow selected showing options.
At this time, you can only edit your thread within 5 minutes of the thread being published live.


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