Add a Facebook Page or group

Add a Facebook Page or group to your Hootsuite dashboard for individual use, or to an organization, so multiple users can collaborate on managing them through their Hootsuite accounts.

Hootsuite accesses your Facebook Pages and groups through the personal Facebook profile that has Admin, Editor or Moderator permissions for each Page/group, but you are not required to add the personal profile to the dashboard.

tip.png To ensure this process works successfully, log out of natively before you begin.

To add a Facebook Page/group

  1. Select your profile image from the top of the launch menu.
  2. Click Add a Social Network in the bottom-left corner of the dashboard.
    To add the Page/group to an organization, click Manage beside the organization name, and then click Add a Social Network in the bottom-right corner of the dashboard.
  3. Select Facebook from the list, and then click Connect with Facebook.
  4. Enter your Facebook credentials (email and password), and then click Log in.
    You will be prompted to Continue as your Facebook profile. Click Okay! This does not add your profile to Hootsuite, but authorizes the dashboard to access any Pages or groups associated with it.
  5. Click Okay in the bottom-right corner for all three permission prompts. This gives Hootsuite access to your profile, Page(s) and group(s), and enables the ability to post to them. Don’t worry, you haven’t imported anything yet!
  6. Check the box beside the Page(s), group(s) or profile you want to add to your dashboard, and then click Add Selected Accounts.

important_icon_37x44.png  If your Page isn’t appearing as an option to add in step 6, it likely means you did not click Okay for all three permission prompts in step 5. Start the process over, and be sure to click Okay for each one.

important_icon_37x44.png  If your group isn’t appearing as an option to add in step 6, it likely means you don’t have Facebook admin permissions for the group. You cannot add a Facebook group if you don’t have admin permissions.

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