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  Article updated: January 04, 2024

Keyboard shortcuts in Hootsuite

You may want to use keyboard shortcuts in Hootsuite to work more efficiently or as an alternative to using a mouse. Use the shortcut CTRL+K on Windows or CMD+K on Mac to open a list of keyboard shortcuts.

Plans: Professional, Team

Shortcuts in Composer

When working in Composer compose-icon.png, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts:

Composer keyboard shortcuts
Action Windows Mac
Post now CTRL+Shift+P CMD+Shift+P
Save draft CTRL+Shift+D CMD+Shift+D
Schedule post CTRL+Shift+S CMD+Shift+S
Post and reuse CTRL+Shift+G CMD+Shift+G
Move left or right in the list of connected social accounts CTRL+Shift+ left or right arrow CMD+Shift+ left or right arrow
Open emoji window CTRL+; CMD+Shift+;
Open AI hashtag suggestions CTRL+Shift+, CMD+Shift+H
Open media library CTRL+Shift+I CMD+Shift+m
Open Canva CTRL+Shift+C CMD+Shift+C
Open tags search CTRL+Shift+. CMD+Shift+T
Minimize or maximize the Composer CTRL+Shift+ m CMD+Shift+ down arrow
Close the Composer CTRL+Esc CMD+Esc


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