Set up a HootFeed


Set up a HootFeed in a matter of seconds. HootFeed is a live Twitter stream that can be displayed on screens at events, encouraging interaction with the feed from guests.

HootFeed is optimized for 30-inch+ screens, and functions best in a Chrome browser. HootFeed refreshes automatically, so new tweets display every seven seconds (if available).

To set up a HootFeed

  1. Open in your browser.
  2. Enter your email address and at least one keyword to filter content.
  3. Optional: Select the Profanity Filter to turn it on or off.
  4. Optional: Select the Customize toggle to turn it on or off. Skip to step 7 if not customizing.
  5. Enter your Company name, and select Upload Logo to select an image from your device.
  6. Select the squares to select background and text colours for the HootFeed.
  7. Select Launch.
  8. Enter your Twitter credentials and authorize HootFeed to stream tweets from your Twitter account.

Tip: Your HootFeed URL will display in the top right of the feed.

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