Schedule a post


Keep your social presence active and save time by planning, preparing, and scheduling your posts to go live at high audience-engagement times.

There are several ways to schedule your content across social networks. Before you learn more about scheduling, make sure to check out Create and publish posts.

Schedule a post

Go to Create new post compose-icon.png, and then select an option to open the composer. When you are finished crafting your post, select Schedule for later to select a date and time for your post to go live. Scheduling your posts allows you to keep your social presence active and publish your posts at high audience-engagement times. You can even set options to automatically publish on a schedule! See Automatically schedule a post to learn more.

Once you've selected a date and time, select Schedule, and then select from one of the following options:

  • Save draft - Save the post as a draft and return to polish or review it at another time.
  • Schedule and reuse networks - Schedule your post, retain your social network choices, and begin a new post to those same social networks.
  • Schedule and duplicate - Schedule your post but retain a copy of the original content and the social account selection to edit or schedule the post another time. A new post ID is created for your tracking needs. This makes composing multiple, similar posts much easier.

Instagram users: If you’re scheduling to a personal profile or business profile that doesn't have direct publishing enabled, you will go through the mobile notification workflow when it’s time for the post to publish. For more information, see Create an Instagram post.

Schedule using Bulk Composer

Plans: Professional, Team, Business, Enterprise

With the Bulk Composer, you can save time and effort by uploading, editing, and scheduling hundreds of social media posts at once, in a CSV file with all prepared content.

Use the Bulk Composer to create posts for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Pages and groups, and LinkedIn Pages and profiles. To learn more about the Bulk Composer, see Schedule multiple posts at a time.

Limitations with the Free plan

Free users can have up to 30 posts scheduled at one time. As soon as one of those scheduled posts is published (or deleted), you’ll be able to schedule another one. The legacy composer, the Composer, Hootlet, and Publisher calendar all display counters to help you keep track of what you have scheduled.

Note that posts are counted per social account. For example, if you schedule a post to three of your accounts, that counts as three scheduled posts.

Manage scheduled content in Hootsuite Planner

After your posts are scheduled, go to Publisher  to view your currently scheduled or past scheduled posts in the Hootsuite Planner. Here you can edit, reschedule, or delete content. To learn more, see Manage your scheduled content.

With the Planner, you can see your scheduled posts at a glance, streamline approvals, and collaborate with your team in real-time. To learn more, see Manage your scheduled posts

Export scheduled or past scheduled posts

Your posts can be exported from the list view of the Scheduled or Past Scheduled sections of the Publisher under Content. Free Hootsuite accounts have access to the Scheduled list view only. You can export into one of four comma-separated values (.csv) file formats, and you can export Google .csv files into a Google calendar.

Exporting scheduled or past scheduled posts does not affect (edit or delete) scheduled content. To learn more, see Export your scheduled posts.

Common questions and issues

Duplicate posts in Facebook and Twitter

When more than one social account has been selected in the Composer, your post will be published to all of those accounts.

If one account is selected but posts are publishing multiple times or to multiple accounts, it could be because your Twitter and Facebook accounts are linked. See Troubleshoot duplicate posts in Facebook and Twitter to learn more.

Scheduled post failure

If you receive a notification that one of your scheduled posts failed to send, sign in to your Hootsuite account to review the failed post.

The most common reasons for post failure are that the social network disconnected from Hootsuite, The post is a duplicate, or the post contains abusive content. See Troubleshoot a scheduled post failure to learn more.

Scheduled posts adjusting to Daylight saving time

Scheduled posts automatically adjust for Daylight saving time (DST) according to the time zone selected in your dashboard settings. For more information, see Change your time zone.

If your selected time zone observes DST, Hootsuite complies with that observance and adjusts the dashboard time at 2AM.


  • Fall (back): Because bulk scheduling files only allow one post per 5-minute time slot, you may see errors when trying to bulk schedule during the hour when DST jumps back and the hour repeats. The bulk scheduler might think you have two posts in the same time slot.
  • Spring (forward): Hootsuite won’t let you schedule for that lost hour when DST jumps ahead. So don’t worry, none of your content will be lost. The dashboard will automatically move your post ahead an hour when you save it.