Work with images


You can attach one or more images to your social media posts to add visual interest. You can upload these images while you compose a post or after you have drafted and scheduled content, and you can use the built-in photo editor and preview area to make necessary adjustments. To make your content more accessible, you can add descriptive alt text to images in Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts.

The information in this article applies to: Twitter profiles, Facebook Pages, Facebook groups, LinkedIn Pages, LinkedIn profiles, Instagram profiles

To learn more about the steps involved in attaching an image to a post, see the instructions for publishing with Facebook, TwitterInstagramLinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Image file requirements

The following are the current requirements and limitations for attaching image files for each social network.

  Twitter Instagram personal, business Facebook
Page, group
Page, profile
(web, iOS, & Android)
jpg, jpeg, png jpg, jpeg, png jpg, jpeg, png jpg, jpeg, png
File size 3 MB 5 MB 5 MB 5 MB
Images per post 4 1 n/a 9
Aspect ratio n/a Square, or between 1.91:1 and 4:5 n/a 1.91:1 recommended
Gif files* Animated
(file size 5MB)
Appear as still images  Animated

Animated on Pages

Not supported for profiles

*Additional GIF format requirements:

  • Resolution between 120 x 120px and 1280 x 1080px
  • Number of frames fewer than or equal to 350
  • Number of pixels fewer than or equal to 300 million (width x height x frames)

Blog: To learn more about the latest image size requirements, see Social Media Image Sizes: A Quick Reference Guide for Each Network. Visit the Hootsuite blog for news, tips, tools, and tactics to help you succeed on social media.

Image editing options

You can edit images when composing a new post or when editing scheduled or drafted content that’s already in your publishing calendar.

To edit an image, select Edit Image below it. Then make your edits by using the five editing options in the photo editor. At any time during the editing process, you can Reset Default or select the back arrow undo-edits.png to undo a change. When you are happy with your photo, select Save in the bottom right to exit the photo editor.

Editing options


  • Select an auto-crop aspect ratio for the social network of your choice, or scroll to Common Aspect Ratios and edit for a custom width and height.
  • Drag the cropping window to select the portion of the photo that you want to keep.
  • Under the image preview, click  or to mirror, and or to rotate.

Filters - Select the filter of your choice and use the sliding bar to adjust intensity.

Adjust - Use the sliding bars to adjust Basic or Refined photo settings.

Focus - Select your focus style. Drag the orientation guides to adjust size, direction, and radius.


  • Use the formatting options to adjust font, orientation, and color.
  • Select the text box orientation points to rotate.
  • Duplicate or delete a text box at any time.

Image rotation

An image uploaded to Hootsuite may appear rotated based on embedded orientation tags. Orientation tags are commonly assigned when taking pictures on mobile devices. These pictures can appear correct when viewed on your computer or mobile device, but appear rotated when uploaded to Hootsuite.

To change the rotation of a photo, open the image in your default photo application, such as Preview for Mac or Windows Photo Viewer for PC, and rotate the image until it appears to be oriented correctly. Then save the image as a new file to reassign the orientation tags, and upload the new file to Hootsuite.

If you use a Mac computer, you can also review the embedded orientation tag assigned to an image to confirm the expected rotation within Hootsuite. There are 8 possible orientation tags, where orientation 1 is “normal”.

  1. Open the photo in question in the default Preview application.
  2. On the Tools menu, select Show Inspector.
  3. On the TIFF tab, review the assigned orientation. 

Note: To view orientation tags on a PC, you'll need to use secondary photo editing or meta tag software.