Add tags to track inbound posts


Hootsuite Business and Enterprise users can add tags to inbound posts in their streams, and then analyze them by type within Hootsuite Analytics. Note that in Analytics, only data for public posts is retrieved. Unpublished, or dark posts, are not supported.

Plans: Business and Enterprise only

The steps in this article apply to: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram business, LinkedIn 

Outbound posts can also be tagged from the composer.

Those with super admin, admin, or custom permissions to ‘Manage Message Tags’ can create new tags to be used in streams. You manage tags in the tag library.

Tag an inbound post

  1. Go to Streams , locate the inbound post in your stream, select More Actions  below the post, and then select Add Tag.
  2. Select an organization from the drop-down list and select Enter a Tag to select an existing tag, or type a new tag and then select Create tag "tag name".
  3. Select Save.

Tags applied to inbound posts display in-stream on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram business, and LinkedIn posts.

You can filter your Twitter and Facebook inbound post metrics by tag in your Analytics Boards. Or, track support team response and resolution times with tags and assignments in the Analytics team metrics.

Save time tagging lots of posts by setting up an automated tag action. See Automate assignments and tags.