Overview of Streams


Hootsuite Streams streams-icon.png are feeds that display the content from your connected social accounts. In Streams, you can monitor the activity across all your accounts and engage with your audience. Streams can display your own posts, as well as the engagement that they’re receiving. You can also create streams that monitor specific keywords on social networks, so you can participate in conversations relevant to your industry.

In each Hootsuite account, the Streams  section is a blank slate, so you can organize your streams in the way that makes the most sense for you. You can organize streams into boards. Each board holds 10 streams. Some organizations with a small number of profiles choose to create all their streams in one board, so everything can be monitored at once. Others prefer to have one board per social network. You could also create one board for streams that display your own posts, and another for streams monitoring competitors or hashtags.

See Use boards to organize your streams to learn more about board setup and organization.

Before you begin adding streams, connect your social accounts. Then add corresponding streams for each one. If you’re a team member in an organization, you should already have access to the organization’s profiles and don’t need to add them to your own dashboard. See Add a social account to Hootsuite.

Available stream types and stream content

Each social profile type has different stream types available. These streams, and what you can do with them, depend on the functionality made available by the social networks to third parties like Hootsuite.

For available stream types, stream content, and instructions for adding streams for each social network, see:

Many apps in the Hootsuite app directory are also integrated as streams.

Stream view settings and refresh intervals

Your stream view can be adjusted with the Compact, Standard, or Comfortable view settings  in the top right of your streams. These change how many streams are visible at one time without scrolling left or right. You can apply different view settings to each board you have.

The View As menu showing the Compact, Standard, and Comfortable options

In the top left of your streams, select the arrow next to the refresh button to change the refresh interval.

The Refresh Interval menu showing all the refresh interval options

This is how often Hootsuite will search for new content to display (as it becomes available). You can also manually refresh individual boards, regardless of the auto refresh interval, with the Refresh All button. When a board is refreshed manually, every stream in that board gets updated.

The blue dots on post timestamps indicate new or unread posts since your last dashboard or stream refresh.