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  Article updated: June 09, 2023

Compare your data with LinkedIn data

Once you’ve saved searches, you can compare data from them with data from your LinkedIn accounts. You can compare a single saved search or data from multiple social accounts.

Compare your LinkedIn data with a saved search

  1. Go to Insights and open a saved search.
  2. Select compare with LinkedIn .
    Saved search with compare with LinkedIn highlighted.
  3. Select your LinkedIn Pages, and then select Save.

Compare your LinkedIn data to multiple social accounts

  1. Go to Insights and open Quick Search.
  2. Open the search options and select Search for a social account.
    Quick Search search options with Search for a social account highlighted.
  3. Select the social accounts you want to add to your comparison. This creates a quick search combining those channels.
  4. Select Save Search, and then select the LinkedIn accounts to compare.
    Save search with LinkedIn Pages area highlighted.


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