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  Article updated: May 07, 2024

Create an Inbox 2.0 report in Analytics

Create Inbox 2.0 reports in Analytics to analyze the activity and performance of your agents, teams, and channels. Dig into resolved conversations, response times, customer satisfaction, and more.

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Create an Inbox 2.0 report in Analytics

In addition to the real-time monitoring in Inbox 2.0, there are several report templates in Analytics that you can use to track agent and team performance across channels.

  1. In Hootsuite, go to Analytics.
  2. Select Create a report.
    Image of Analytics navigation that highlights the new report text link.
  3. Select Inbox 2.0.
    Image of template reports in Analytics that highlights Inbox 2.0 templates.
  4. Select from one of the following reports, and then select Create report.
    • Overall summary -Analyze the success metrics in this report to get an overview of your team’s performance, including how many conversations they've resolved, how much time they've spent on each, and more.
    • Team overview - Keep track of handle time, no-reply time, cherry-picking time, and more metrics relevant to your team's performance.
    • Agent overview - Review individual agent performance in Inbox 2.0, including available time, away time, replies sent, and more.
    • Volume: Conversations - Measure the volume of started and resolved conversations for your teams in Inbox 2.0 and spot trends across channels, platforms, languages, and more.
    • Volume: Topics - Identify trends and key conversations by tracking the topics agents apply to conversations.
    • Volume: Messages - Measure the volume of messages for your teams in Inbox 2.0 and spot trends across channels, platforms, tags, and more.
    • Volume: Tags - Monitor the tags applied to the messages in Inbox 2.0 and spot trends.
    • Volume: Contacts - Measure the volume of unique contacts in Inbox 2.0 and spot trends by channels, platforms, handle time, and more.
    • Customer satisfaction - Take a close look at CSAT survey results, including total surveys sent, average CSAT score, percentage of satisfied customers, score trends by conversation, and more.
    • Handle time - Measure handle times for teams and agents in Inbox 2.0 and spot daily trends.
    • Resolved conversations - Dive deeper into the conversations resolved by your teams in Inbox 2.0 and spot trends across channels, platforms, languages, and more.
    • Response and resolution time - Dive deeper into the resolution and response time of your teams in Inbox 2.0, including average first response and conversation times, first response time and conversation response time SLAs, and durations for resolutions and responses.
    • Agent availability & utilization - Review all agents' or an individual agent's total available time, or percentage of their overall utilization, by day.
    • SLA - Measure service-level agreement (SLA) performance by all SLA events, first response time, or conversation response time.
  5. You can view data for a specific time frame, customize your report and metric tiles, and share and export your report. Learn how to do more with your Analytics reports.


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