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  Article updated: September 13, 2021

Stay compliant on social with Hootsuite - for financial services

Social media plays an integral role in the success of every business. Businesses can use social media to find, and build relationships with, clients and potential customers, and to bolster marketing, recruiting, selling, and executive thought leadership activities. Financial services organizations are no exception. You need a social presence so that you can be in the position to help, educate, or sell to customers on social media.

That said, using social media can be challenging in regulated industries such as financial services. You may have several departments using social media to meet different objectives, and all of their content must respect compliance. Non-compliance can hurt brand reputation, result in significant fines, and even impact careers. Digital security threats also bring risks to your business and your customers.

Hootsuite helps you mitigate all these risks. By using one controlled platform for all your business’ social media needs, you’ll gain operational efficiency, centralize compliance oversight, and build employee confidence with social media.

Here’s a closer look at some of the ways Hootsuite can help you remain compliant and secure.

To read more about social media and financial services, see Social media in financial services: 5 essential tips and benefits. Visit the Hootsuite blog for news, tips, tools, and tactics to help you succeed on social media.


It’s important to have a social media governance policy that applies to your whole organization. Hootsuite lets you put guardrails in place to help your employees adhere to the policy.

An official policy can help you:

  • Maintain your brand identity across social channels
  • Align teams on the regulations of each governing body
  • Prevent a security breach or public relations crisis, and act fast if one does occur
  • Inform your employees of their own social media responsibilities
  • Encourage your employees to own and amplify your brand’s message
  • Give your employees confidence in adopting social media

Getting each of your teams into Hootsuite reduces redundant technology and centralizes oversight for all social business communication. You’ll also be able to unify data from each team that communicates on social. Additionally, Hootsuite’s ecosystem of partner apps makes it easy for each department to integrate with systems they already use. Hootsuite provides the following features designed to make your governance efforts easy:

Shared social account access in teams

Invite team members to manage your social network accounts without having to share their passwords. To learn more about leveraging teams within a Hootsuite organization, see Overview of teams and organizations.

Single sign-on for Hootsuite access

Implement Hootsuite logins with single sign-on (SSO), so employees can access Hootsuite with their corporate network credentials. To learn more about the benefits of SSO, see Single sign-on with Hootsuite.

Custom permissions

Control what each team member can manage with unique permissions at the organization, team, and social account level. Give analytics access to stakeholders who need oversight, and give publishing permissions to those who create content. To learn more about Hootsuite permissions, see Assign permissions (Business and Enterprise plans).

Approval workflows

Define approval workflows for each of your social accounts. You can designate people or teams to approve new posts, comments, or replies before they get published. You can also add a second or third tier of approvals for extra security. See Approve posts from team members to learn more.

A sample custom approval structure with two tiers of approvals on a social account


As you know, it’s critical to protect your organization and brand from fines, penalties, or business disruptions. Hootsuite, along with key compliance partners such as Proofpoint, offers solutions that make it easy to maintain a compliant social media presence. Hootsuite and its partners are compliant with industry regulations including FINRA, FCA, FFIEC, IIROC, SEC, PCI, AMF, and MiFID II requirements.


Financial services organizations must archive all social media activity for at least three years. Hootsuite’s compliance partners like Global Relay offer automated, cloud-based archiving of all types of social posts, securely capturing data regardless of user device. Their unified, searchable databases make the auditing process smoother as well. Ask your customer success manager for more details about archiving solutions.

Content libraries

One way to ensure your teams are publishing content that’s compliant and on-brand is through the use of content libraries. Provide access to content libraries by team, and populate them with templates, media assets, and ready-to-publish content that’s pre-approved. To learn more, see Manage your content library.


Amplify is Hootsuite’s brand advocacy and social selling app. With Amplify, your content admins can push a steady stream of pre-approved, curated content to the app. From there, advisors can share the content to their own social accounts. Amplify extends your organization’s reach while you keep control over the content your employees are sharing. Employees can access and share company posts from the Hootsuite desktop app or the Amplify mobile app. To learn more about Amplify, see Get started with Amplify for admins.

The Amplify desktop app

You can segment employees into different user groups to share different types of content as appropriate. Advisors can also suggest content to the admins as they get familiar with what's resonating most with their audience. To help you source enough relevant content for your Amplify program, you can automate content discovery with Curate by UpContent. This integration curates trending articles that match your unique content strategy criteria. It also automatically checks articles against your Proofpoint policies to ensure their compliance.

The Curate by UpContent app showing the filters for Proofpoint policy checks

For more strategic activity on social, Amplify for Social Selling gives advisors a more advanced Amplify dashboard. Advisors can access the content available in Amplify and create and schedule personalized posts, or do some listening in streams for buying signals. See Social selling with Amplify for more information.


Hootsuite partners with Proofpoint to offer several automated compliance workflows you can leverage across your organization. Speak with your customer success manager to determine which solutions would best support your social program:


Proofpoint Social Patrol establishes a pre-screening workflow on some or all of your social accounts. Connect your social accounts to both Hootsuite and your Proofpoint Social Patrol account. Then connect Proofpoint to Hootsuite in the Hootsuite organization settings and turn on pre-review on your social accounts. Pre-review is enabled individually for each account that you want to watch, including both corporate and advisor accounts. Every post created in Hootsuite passes through a compliance check before it gets scheduled or published. Content is reviewed against policies you establish in Proofpoint, and if a post violates any policies, it is sent to the Rejected queue in the Hootsuite Planner for editing. For more details, see Add publishing security with Proofpoint.

If you have team approval workflows set up in Hootsuite, pre-review is both the first step before an internal approval workflow is initiated and the last step in the approval process before publishing.

Interactive social content, such as comments and replies, are archived and reviewed after they’re published. Social accounts in your organization that aren't set up for pre-review are also retroactively scanned for compliance risks.

Preapproved content library templates

Corporate content creators can create content library templates in Hootsuite and preapprove them in Proofpoint. Create a custom “Content library” policy in your Proofpoint Syndicate account, and then connect Proofpoint to your Hootsuite account in the organization settings. These templates get labeled as “Preapproved content” in the content library. Employees can publish them to their own accounts without triggering policy violations. This is useful for promotional materials, for example, which Proofpoint rejects if an employee creates them.

Real-time predictive compliance

Connect Proofpoint Syndicate to your Hootsuite account in the organization settings. The predictive compliance feature uses an API query endpoint from Proofpoint to screen posts against your compliance policies while they’re being created in Hootsuite.

Combine Amplify for social selling with Hootsuite’s Proofpoint predictive compliance integration. It adds real-time compliance feedback in the composer to alert and educate advisors on issues with their posts. When a post violates a policy, advisors are alerted so they can edit it before publishing. If an advisor has pre-review set up on their social account and tries to publish non-compliant content, it is sent to an approval queue for verification first.

The Hootsuite composer with predictive compliance enabled, flagging text that is not compliant

Predictive compliance should be used alongside Proofpoint pre-review approval on each social account, and their policies must match.

To read more about compliance on social media, see Social media compliance: Everything you need to know to stay compliant. Visit the Hootsuite blog for news, tips, tools, and tactics to help you succeed on social media.


Using social media brings its own digital security threats to your business and to your customers’ personal data. In financial services, the stakes for malicious activity and social engineering fraud are high. Protect your customers, your branded social accounts, and your executives’ accounts with ZeroFOX.

ZeroFOX is a cyber-security tool that leverages artificial intelligence to scan for threats. It lets you identify and take action on hacked accounts, dangerous content, malicious links, and accounts impersonating your brand. Integrate your Hootsuite account with your ZeroFOX account, and then watch for ZeroFOX alerts in your Hootsuite streams.

A sample alert in a ZeroFOX stream in Hootsuite

Watch Hootsuite and ZeroFOX for more on this integration.

Learn how to install an app in Hootsuite.

You can also protect your business using social listening. Use Hootsuite Insights to monitor online conversations about your brand and your competitors. You can create searches to gather all social mentions that match your queries from a variety of sources, including social networks, blogs, and news sites. For more information, see Overview of Insights.


In addition to automated technology and centralized oversight, employee education is crucial to compliance on social media. Empower them with the skills and knowledge to be comfortable–and successful–conducting business using social media.

Hootsuite can partner with you to deliver custom training to:

  • Familiarize employees with your organization’s social media governance policy. Ensure that everyone is clear about what is and isn’t allowed, including which social networks to use and how to use them.
  • Educate social account owners on brand guidelines and how each regulation applies to the use of social media in their roles.
  • Empower your employees to learn a new set of skills, and gain the confidence to increase their social media activity over time.
  • Show employees they’re supported. Strengthen trust within your organization, and the business will earn the dividends.

You can also explore the wealth of online social media courses in Hootsuite Academy. Start with beginner courses on social marketing skills and on how to use Hootsuite.

Advisors who are ready to engage in social selling can take the Social selling for financial services certification course. It covers the major regulations that apply to the industry and how to use social media to connect with prospects and close more sales for your business. For more details, see the Social selling for financial services curriculum.

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