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  Article updated: June 10, 2024

Use boards to organize your streams

In Hootsuite, you organize your social media feeds into boards and streams. Boards are categories, and streams are social feeds within those categories. Boards act as containers that you use to organize streams by topic or keyword, or to keep track of competitors. You can add up to 20 boards, and each board can hold up to 10 streams.

Web Mobile

Add, rename, or delete a board

You can name and rename boards to help you stay organized. You can also move boards by dragging them to change their order.

Go to Streams, and do one of the following:

  • Add a board - Select New board, select a board type, and then follow the prompts to add social accounts and other stream options.
  • Rename a board - Select the board name, enter a new name, and then select ENTER.
  • Delete a board - Point to a board name and select Delete. Deleting a board permanently removes the board and its contents from Hootsuite.

    Important: Deleted boards and their contents cannot be retrieved, only re-created.

Rearrange streams

Within boards, you can change the order in which your streams appear by selecting and dragging them.

  • Go to Streams, select and hold the name of a stream, and drag it to the left or right.

Types of boards

Depending on the type of social account you want to monitor, you have three standard options when you add a board using the New board option:

  • Monitor my own content - Create streams for your own social accounts.
  • Discover new content - Create streams for following trends and competitors.
  • Follow personalized feeds - Build custom streams based on any theme or activity.

Standard options for creating a new board.

You can also add app-powered boards that integrate popular productivity tools directly into Streams.

Note: This feature is available on paid plans only.
  1. Select New board, and scroll down under Board type to find options with the APP label.
  2. Select any app to learn more and install. Or, select Find more apps to discover many more choices on Hootsuite Apps.

App options for creating a new board.

Depending on your Hootsuite plan, you may be able to install apps right away, or you may get a free trial followed by a paid subscription offer. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Watch Social listening and engagement with streams for more suggestions and tips for organizing streams.


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