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  Article updated: June 20, 2024

Connect a Facebook account

Connect a Facebook Page to Hootsuite to manage it from the same place as your other social media accounts. When you connect a Facebook account to Hootsuite, you can publish to it, engage with your audience, create reports, and more.

Note: Due to several changes by Facebook in 2018 to protect user privacy, publishing is not supported for Facebook personal profiles. You can connect personal Facebook profiles to Hootsuite if you want to create a read-only Timeline stream for your profile.

To add social accounts to Hootsuite organizations, you need super admin, admin, or custom Add social networks permissions for your Hootsuite organization. To find out more, see Manage your organization's social accounts.

Before you begin

Make sure that your personal Facebook account has management permissions for the Page you want to connect to Hootsuite. You must sign in with your personal account to give Hootsuite access to your Pages. However, you don't need to connect your personal Facebook account to Hootsuite.

For Facebook Pages, do the following:

  • Make sure that your Facebook account has a Page role of Admin or Editor if it's a classic Page type or Facebook access with full control or partial control on a new Page type. To learn more, see Manage Page Settings in the Facebook Help Center. The use of two-factor authentication is required for your Facebook account if your Page is in Business Manager (see the Facebook help Turn on Two-factor Authentication for Business Manager).
  • To connect a location Page, make sure that your Facebook account has the Page role on the location page itself. Due to a Facebook limitation, Hootsuite cannot recognize role permissions inherited from the parent page.

Add a Facebook Page

Web Mobile
  1. In a separate browser tab or window, log out of Facebook.
  2. In Hootsuite, go to Account, and then select Social accounts and teams.
    Professional plans: Select + Private account.
    Team, Business, and Enterprise plans: Select Manage beside your organization name, and then select Add a social network.
  3. Select Facebook.
  4. Enter the Facebook account credentials (email and password), and then select Log In.
  5. Select Continue as [your Facebook profile name]. This does not connect your profile to Hootsuite, it only authorizes Hootsuite to access any Pages associated with it.
    Authorization prompt with list of what permissions Hootsuite will receive and a Continue as Joe button.
  6. Follow the steps to give Hootsuite the permissions to manage the Pages and ad accounts that you choose to connect. If a selected Page has access to an ad account, select which ones you want to connect so you can promote your Facebook Page posts using Hootsuite.

Is your Facebook account not appearing, or is it grayed out? See Troubleshoot problems connecting a Facebook account.

Troubleshoot problems connecting a Facebook account

If you encounter any problems while connecting a Facebook account, check the following solutions to resolve them.

You are directed to your Facebook Page after entering your Facebook credentials

If you are directed to your Facebook Page after signing in to Facebook, you are likely using a "gray" account. Facebook gray accounts are old account types that are no longer supported by Facebook. They are used to administer a Facebook Page without an associated personal Facebook account, and they have their own login credentials.

To fix the issue, make sure you have an Admin role for the Facebook Page in the Page’s settings. Then retry connecting the Page to Hootsuite using the previous instructions. However, this time, sign in to Facebook with the credentials for your account instead. For more information, see Manage roles for your Facebook Page in the Facebook Help Center.

Your Page is grayed out and you cannot select it

If your Page is grayed out, you don’t have the required Page permissions to connect it to Hootsuite. You need an Admin or Editor role if it’s a classic Page, or Facebook access with full control or partial control on a Page in the new Pages experience. See the Facebook help article See your Facebook Page role or access.

Your Page is not appearing when you are trying to select it

If the Facebook Page you want to connect is not appearing in Hootsuite, try the following:

  • Open a separate browser tab or window, log out of Facebook, and start the process again. Grant Hootsuite full permissions to access your account when prompted.
  • Determine whether your Page is a location Page, and whether you have adequate permissions on the Page itself to connect it to Hootsuite. See Before you begin.
  • Verify in your Facebook account's Business Integrations that Hootsuite has access to manage all of your Pages:
    • Make sure you’re signed in to Facebook as your personal profile, and then use this direct link to go to your account’s business integrations:
    • Select View and edit next to Hootsuite.
    • If you see any lists of Facebook Pages that you own in the Hootsuite integration settings, make sure they are all selected, and then select Save. If there are no lists, it means all your Pages are already selected.
      A list of owned Pages in a sample Facebook account's Hootsuite business integration settings.

On Android, Hootsuite is connecting automatically to Facebook and you are unable to sign in to a different Facebook account

When you connect a social account, Hootsuite connects automatically to any social networks you’ve previously signed in to. To connect a Facebook account associated with another Facebook profile, you need to clear the site data for Facebook that is stored in the Chrome app in your device settings.

  1. Open your device settings.
  2. Select Apps or Apps and notifications.
  3. Select the Chrome app.
  4. Select Storage or Storage and cache.
  5. Select Manage storage or Clear storage.
  6. Select Manage under Site storage. A list of sites opens for which data is stored in Chrome.
  7. Select
  8. Select the trash can icon under Usage, and then select Clear to confirm.
  9. Return to the Hootsuite app and connect your Facebook account. You will be able to sign in to Facebook with a different set of credentials.


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