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  Article updated: June 20, 2024

Change your profile, email, and password

Keep your Hootsuite profile image, name, account email address, and password up-to-date.

Periodically updating your Hootsuite password helps keep your account secure. Updating your password does not affect how your Hootsuite account connects with your social networks. Forgot your password?

Passwords must include:

  • 8 characters (no more than 64)
  • 1 upper-case letter
  • 1 lower-case letter

Important: A Hootsuite account can only be associated with one email address. To use an email address that is associated with a different Hootsuite account, you must first update the one with the email address you want to use.

Change your password, email, and profile information

  1. Go to Account, and then select Profile.
  2. To change your email address, select Change email address, and then select Save Account Info. Make any other changes, and then select Save Account Info. If you are unable to make changes, see Troubleshoot display issues.
    Account and settings with account selected showing email address options at the bottom.


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