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  Article updated: June 20, 2024

Review your overall post performance

Use the Post performance view to see how your audience engaged with your posts. The Post performance view displays key metrics for up to 100 of your most recently published posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter. If you are a long-time customer, you can find Post performance data for dates as early Oct 2, 2017.

Review results for your posts

  1. Go to Analytics, expand Organic reporting, and then select Post performance.
    Analytics navigation with post performance highlighted.
  2. Select the social network and accounts you want to review post performance for. If it’s easier, you can also search for and select the accounts you want to display in your view.
    Social network picker selected showing social accounts.
  3. Open the date picker to select the time frame you want to analyze, and then select Set.
    Date picker with time frame selected.
  4. Select to view performance results in a Card view or a Table view.
  5. Choose the metrics you want to show in your view.
    • When in Card view, select a metric from the Sort by list and review the posts with the best results for that metric.
    • When in Table view, select Edit columns and select the metrics you want to add or remove from your view.
  6. Notes:

    • Authors (people who published posts) are only displayed if that author published through Hootsuite.
    • The Meta Hot post metric identifies high-performing content at a glance. It looks at average engagement rates for content on each Page. It then uses a standard deviation to flag posts with high engagement rates. Once a post is flagged as "hot," that status does not change. Learn how to boost a Facebook post.
    • We use the metric "Post paid impressions" to identify boosted posts. The value for that metric must be greater than 0 for us to identify a post as boosted. This means, if you boost a post, but don't get any paid impressions on that post, it will not be identified as a boosted post.

    Tip: Looking for a detailed analysis of a post? Point to a post and select More info in Card view or select the post in Table view to see all the metrics and performance results for that post.

  7. Sort results in ascending or descending order to identify your top-performing posts.
    • When in Card view, select one of the two Sort by options, then select an option from the list.
    • When in Table view, select a column heading to sort results in ascending or descending order.
  8. Optionally, select Filter to filter your posts by tag, campaign, or post type. This helps you review results only for posts associated with a specific tag, campaign, or type of post. Post type filters are only available for Facebook Pages, Instagram Business accounts, and LinkedIn Pages and profiles. Learn how to add and manage tags.

Note: If you want to open the original post, select the time stamp link to open that post in the associated social network.

Compare your posts

Compare up to three posts from the same social network side-by-side to review how they performed against one another.

  1. Open the date picker to select the time frame for the posts you want to compare, and then select Set.
  2. Point to a post you want to compare and select Compare . A selected post shows a check mark on Compare for that post and the post is added to the Compare list.
    An example of the Compare Facebook posts list showing two posts selected.
  3. Select Compare to see a detailed analysis of each post side by side.
  4. Optionally, enter a metric name in the Search box to search for a specific metric.
  5. To remove a post from the comparison, point to the post you want to remove and select Compare . An unselected post shows an empty check box on Compare for that post and the post is removed from the Compare list.

Repost your most successful posts

Consider reposting your posts with the highest reach, views, or engagement to get even more eyes and interaction on your content.

To repost a post, point to a post and select Repost.

You can also point to a post, select More info in Card view or select the post in Table view, and then select Repost.

Note: Reposting is not available for TikTok posts.

Export your Post performance view

Select Export and choose an export option from the list. Professional and Legacy pro plan customers can export this view to PDF. Business and Enterprise plan members can also export it to XLSX and CSV. Learn how to export an Analytics report.


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