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  Article updated: April 23, 2024

Track engagement for Amplify posts

Use the Amplify leaderboard in Analytics to track and review engagement for your Amplify posts. You can also check the leaderboard to see how you're doing.

Plans: Available to Amplify customers with access to Analytics.

Hootsuite amplify for admins measuring success with analytics video.

Note: Amplify admins - You can choose to enable or disable the Amplify leaderboard for your members in Amplify settings.

Go to Analytics, expand Amplify reporting, and then select Amplify leaderboard.

Analytics navigation with Amplify leaderboard selected.

Review engagement for your Amplify posts

The My engagement section lets you see which network (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn) generated the highest engagement for your Amplify posts. It shows the last 30 days of your Amplify activity and engagement and the last time you shared a post.

To review your results for a specific time frame, select Change date range, and choose your dates.

You can view the following metrics:

  • Total: Shares, Reach, and Clicks (Clicks are only shown in the My engagement section)
  • Facebook: Posts, Comments, and Reactions
  • Twitter: Posts, Reposts, Replies, and Likes
  • LinkedIn: Posts, Comments, and Likes

Note: "Posts" in the leaderboard count 1 post for each social network that the person shared to. It does not include unpublished, scheduled posts.

See Amplify metrics for a complete list of metrics and their descriptions.

Tip: Looking for information on who shared content and when? Go to Amplify and select the number of shares from the top of any piece of shared content.
Amplify content with number of shares selected showing 4 shares and the approximate time it was shared.

Compare your results with others in your organization

The Leaderboard section shows engagement results for all the members of your organization so you can see how you compare. You can see up to 1,000 members at a time. To see more members, export your Amplify leaderboard.

The top of the list shows the members with the most shares on all social networks. You can change that sort order using the Shares column heading. Want to view metrics for a specific social network? Select it from the top of the list.
Amplify leaderboard toolbar.

Export your Amplify leaderboard view

Select Export to export your Amplify leaderboard view to XLSX.
Amplify leaderboard export option selected with Microsoft Excel option highlighted.


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