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  Article updated: May 07, 2024

Share an Analytics report

Share reports with others in your organization to monitor the same Analytics data and collaborate on it in real-time. When someone modifies a shared report, the changes are instantly reflected in all accounts that have access to that report. Likewise, deleting a shared report from one account will remove it from all accounts that have access to that report.

Enterprise customers can also share reports with people outside Hootsuite.

Plans: Team, Business, and Enterprise

How to share and collaborate with hootsuite analytics video.

Share a report

You can assign Read or Edit access to shared reports. Users with Edit access have the same permissions as the report author, including being able to share, modify, and delete the report. There is no limit to the number of users who can share a report. To share a report:

  1. Go to Analytics, and then open the report you want to share (check out Open an Analytics report).
  2. Select Share with teammates.
  3. Enter an email or name, choose a Read or Edit permission, and then select Share.

The recipient will receive an email notifying them that they have access to the report.

View a shared report

  1. In Analytics, select the shared report from the list of reports. If the report is not visible, select All reports.
    • The Shared column shows the number of users sharing the report. Select the number in the Shared column to see the names of the people collaborating on the report.
    • The Author column shows if someone shared the report with you, or if you've shared the report with others.

Find out more about managing your Analytics reports.

Edit or revoke shared access to a report

  1. In Analytics, open the report you want to edit or revoke shared access to.
  2. Select Share with teammates .
    • To share the report with an additional user, enter the name or email of the person you are sharing the report with, and then select them from the list.
    • To edit permissions to the report, locate the user and select a new access level.
    • To revoke access to the report, select the X next to their name.


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