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  Article updated: May 22, 2023

Create alerts for saved Insights searches

Alerts are email notifications that let you know when your saved search results change. Set up an alert on a saved search to stay on top of trends in the topics you're watching, and set your own triggers to get notified when specific metrics change.

For example, you can set up an alert to get notified if negative sentiment increases in your saved search results. First, you filter your saved search results by negative sentiment to your saved search, and then create an alert for new mentions or an increase in mention volume. (For more information on filtering search results, see Filter and analyze your search results.)

Note: You can only set up an alert for a single saved search at a time. You can't create an alert for a set of saved searches you're comparing.

Create an email alert

  1. Go to Insights, and then select Saved Searches to view the list of searches saved by your organization.
  2. Select a saved search.
  3. Select Create Alert.
  4. In the New Email Alert window, enter a name for your alert. Insights displays this name in the subject line of the email.
  5. Select one or both alert triggers.
    • Select Alert me about increases in volume… if you want an alert when Insights detects an increase in mention volume for the search. Enter a percentage number as a threshold to trigger the alert.
    • Select Alert me when new mentions are found… if you want an alert when Insights finds new mentions that match the search. Choose how often you want Insights to send the alert, and the time and day (if applicable).
  6. Select the number of mentions you want the email alert to show, to a maximum of 50 mentions.
  7. Enter one or more email addresses for your alert recipients.
  8. Optionally, select edit filters to choose one or more filters if you want to trigger an alert based on specific kinds of mentions. For example, if you want to trigger an alert when the volume of negative mentions in your search results increases, open the Sentiment filter and select Negative.
    Example of a new email alert showing where to add filters.
  9. Select Save.

Your alert recipients get an alert invite email from Insights. When they select Subscribe, they're set up to receive the alerts.


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