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  Article updated: July 03, 2023

Create an Insights report in Analytics

If you want to capture the results of a saved Insights search, you can create a report with your search results in Hootsuite Analytics. The report contains all of your search result metrics, and you can export the data to share with other team members.You can also schedule an Insights report and get it delivered straight to your inbox.

If you want to see a different snapshot of your saved search results, you can change the date range for the Insights data right in Hootsuite Analytics. You can also compare the data for two or more saved searches in a single Insights report.

If you want to combine Insights data with other Hootsuite Analytics metrics, you can create a custom report and choose the metrics you want to include. For more information, see Create a report in Analytics.

Create an Insights report

  1. Go to Insights, and select Saved Searches to view the list of searches saved by your team.
  2. Select a saved search.
  3. Select Build Report, and then select Continue. Hootsuite redirects you to Hootsuite Analytics to build your Insights report.
    Example report with build report button highlighted.
  4. In the Add a new report window, choose one of the two pre-built templates (Search overview or Detailed search report), and then select Create report.

Note: When you export an Insights report to CSV, XLSX, or PPTX, the report does not include mentions. You can only export mentions to PDF in Analytics. To export mentions to CSV and JSON, go to Insights.

Compare saved searches in Analytics

You can compare your saved Insights searches in Analytics to see, for example, how your brand compares with your competitors in areas like share of voice, sentiment, and conversation volume. You can also compare performance of different campaigns through multiple searches.

You can compare up to 20 saved searches in a single Analytics report.

  1. Go to Analytics, and open your Insights report.
  2. Select the Insights saved searches you want to compare, and then select Apply.
    Sample insights search selection with three options selected.
  3. Point to a tile, and then select Configure tile.
    Example Mention Counts insights tile.
  4. Select Properties in the Configure tile window.
  5. Select to compare by Source.
    Configure tile with properties option selected.
  6. Select Data, choose one or more filters from the list, and then select Apply. This lets you see how your brand compares to your competitors’ on social, for example, in terms of sentiment in certain countries.


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