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  Article updated: October 29, 2021

Suspend scheduled content

Social media moves quickly, and brands that can react accordingly have an advantage. When trends change or a crisis occurs, the posts you already have scheduled may no longer be appropriate. You can suspend an organization’s scheduled content to avoid publishing something insensitive. When you suspend an organization, its currently scheduled content is not published. You and your team can take the time to assess and revise your content strategy if necessary.

Plans: Team, Business, Enterprise

During a suspension, team members can still schedule and publish posts, but an extra step asks them to confirm their actions during a suspension. When you end the suspension, scheduled content from then onward resumes publishing as planned. Content that was scheduled to go live during the suspension can be revised and rescheduled.

You can suspend content for the following social networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Suspending posts with Hootsuite video

Suspend an organization’s content

Only super admins and admins of Hootsuite organizations can suspend an organization's content. You can only suspend an organization's content in the web version of Hootsuite, but scheduled posts in the mobile app are marked as suspended.

  1. Go to My profile, and then select Manage accounts and teams.
  2. Select Suspend . Suspensions are at the organization level, so if you manage more than one, you must suspend each one.
    The suspend option highlighted on an organization in the Social networks and teams view
  3. Enter a reason for the suspension, so that everyone in your organization has the context to make informed publishing decisions during this time.
  4. Select Suspend.

    Important: Content that is scheduled to publish within a minute after a suspension might not get suspended.

  5. Go to Publisher to confirm that all scheduled content has been suspended. Posts will be marked as suspended with a yellow alert in the Planner view, meaning they will not publish at their scheduled time.
    a suspended post in publisher

Important: Only content for an organization’s social accounts can be suspended. Scheduled content for accounts that are connected in someone’s private social accounts is not affected.

When an organization is suspended, the admin who suspended it receives an email confirmation. All organization members are also alerted and given context for the suspension with a notification banner in their Hootsuite accounts.

If you do want a suspended post to publish as planned during a suspension, you can edit and reschedule it in the Planner view. You can also move a suspended post into a draft state to edit later. To learn how, see Manage your scheduled posts.

End a suspension

Only super admins and admins of Hootsuite organizations can end a suspension.

  1. Go to My profile, and then select Manage accounts and teams.
  2. Select Resume.
  3. Select Resume again to confirm.

All alerts for the organization are turned off and scheduled content resumes publishing as planned. If the scheduled time has passed for suspended posts, they will remain suspended. You’ll need to edit and reschedule them if you still want them published.

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