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  Article updated: June 10, 2024

Create and schedule content in a calendar

Use your Hootsuite content calendar to quickly see gaps in your posting schedule, and create new, scheduled content to fill them. You can also reschedule, edit, delete, or suspend scheduled posts right in the calendar.

For great information on best times to publish, check out The Best time to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and How Often to Post to Social Media. Visit the Hootsuite blog for news, tips, tools, and tactics to help you succeed on social media.

Create and schedule content in a calendar view

Prepare and schedule your posts in advance to save time, and keep your social presence active when your audience is online - even if you're not.

Go to Plan and select from one of the following options:

  • Create and schedule a post - Switch to the week view, select a slot on the day you want your post to go live, and then create your post. If you have recommended times turned on in your settings, you’ll see highlighted times that will get the most engagement. You can select a recommended time and then create your post. Learn more about recommended times.
    Example showing selecting a time with Create options. A sample recommended time is also shown.
  • Create and schedule a post with content from a media library - Select Add media, select a media library, point at an image to select Use image in post, and then create your post.
    Example image with pointer showing Use image in post.
  • Create and schedule a draft with content from a media library - Select Add media, select a media library, and then drag the media to a time slot. Learn what you can do with draft posts.
  • Schedule multiple posts at one time - Select Content from the top of the page, prepare your content in a CSV file, and schedule hundreds of social media posts at once with Bulk message upload. Find out how to create posts in bulk.
  • Have OwlyWriter AI create an event caption for you - Celebrate holidays and trending events by having AI write festive, on-brand posts for you. You'll find global social media events and country-specific holidays, right in your content calendar. (Holidays you see are based on the country of your administrator's account.) Simply select a holiday or event in the week view, review the captions created for you, and then select Create post next to the one you like best.
    Sample calendar showing two days with the event Social media day highlighted.
    Note: All Hootsuite customers can try Event captions by OwlyWriter AI for free for a limited time during the open beta. For every caption OwlyWriter creates, you use a token. You have access to 300 tokens that automatically renew on the first of every month. AI captions are currently only available in English.

Edit content in your calendar

Select a post to open it in the calendar and take action on it.

Example of a scheduled post with the more actions button selected showing duplicate and move to drafts options.

For scheduled, unpublished posts, you can edit, delete, or reschedule them; and approve or reject those awaiting approval. For published posts, you can view them on the social network you posted them to, and duplicate them to build off the original. When duplicating a boosted post, you'll have to re-add promoted ad spend.

  • It's best practice to edit duplicate posts so they are unique. Social networks have strict publishing rules and often flag identical content as spam, especially if published within a short period.
  • Tracking parameters on links also get duplicated, unless they are dynamic, so make sure to update these when duplicating posts.

Reschedule a post

To reschedule a post in week view, select the post and drag it to a new time slot. Reschedule or edit posts at least 6 minutes in advance of publishing, and 15 minutes in advance for posts with videos (30 minutes if processing is required). You can also reschedule by selecting a post, selecting Edit, and then editing the scheduled date.

Suspend scheduled content

Put a halt on specific content scheduled by a team member to keep it from going live. In a crisis, you can Suspend scheduled content.

Common questions and issues

Read the following for answers to commonly asked questions about scheduling a post.

Scheduled post failure

If you receive a notification that one of your scheduled posts failed to send, review the failed post in your content calendar.

The most common reasons for post failure are that the social account disconnected from Hootsuite, the post is a duplicate, or the post contains abusive content. See Troubleshoot a post failure to learn more.

Scheduled posts adjust to Daylight saving time

Scheduled posts automatically adjust for Daylight saving time (DST) for the time zone selected in your Hootsuite settings. For more information, see Change your time zone.

If your selected time zone observes DST, Hootsuite complies with that observance and adjusts the time at 2AM.


  • Fall (back): Because bulk scheduling files only allow one post per 5-minute time slot, you may see errors when trying to bulk schedule during the hour when DST jumps back and the hour repeats. The bulk scheduler might think you have two posts in the same time slot.
  • Spring (forward): Hootsuite won’t let you schedule for that lost hour when DST jumps ahead. Don’t worry, none of your content will be lost. Hootsuite automatically moves your post ahead an hour when you save it.


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