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  Article updated: June 20, 2024

Manage your content calendar

View and manage your content calendar in Hootsuite. Your calendar shows your scheduled posts and all of the content you've published over the last year. You can edit, reschedule, or delete existing scheduled content, access your drafts, and more.

For details on how to manage your ad campaigns in a calendar, see View your ad campaigns in a calendar.

Watch Creating a content calendar and using it effectively for planning guidance. Visit Hootsuite Academy to watch more videos, take courses, or earn industry-recognized certifications.

View your content calendar

Go to Plan and use the options at the top of the calendar to view your content by date. If you're showing 10 or fewer social accounts in your calendar, those accounts are automatically selected.

Select Filter to see content by social account, post status (draft, scheduled, published, posts by approval status, or ads by their status), and if your plan allows, by campaign (read about managing content campaigns).

Tip: Select the heart next to an account or team name to add it to your Favorites and put it at the top of your account list.

Choose a calendar view

Change your calendar view using the options at the top of the calendar. 

View calendar as list - Display a list of your content over a two day period. The graph at the top of the page shows the volume of posts for the month. The days shown are highlighted in the graph. Point to an indicator in the graph to see the number of posts for that day. Select a different day in the graph to view that day's information, or collapse the graph to save space.

Sample graph pointing at May 2, showing 6 posts for that day.

View calendar by week - Find all your posts and drafts right here. You can see the number of published, scheduled, and draft posts at the top of each day. Select a post to view its details.
Calendar week view, showing counts of posts on each day.

View calendar by month - See a summary of your content strategy over an entire month at a glance. Select a day to review the day’s scheduled content in detail. Select a post to edit or delete it. See Create and schedule content in a calendar for details.

  • View month by post status - Select the month view, and then select this option to look for posts with a specific status. You'll see numbers for published, draft, and scheduled posts. Icons at the bottom of each day show all other post statuses (published via social, failed, disconnected, rejected, expired, pending approval). Point to the status to see the number of posts with that status.
    Mouse hover on a month view icon, showing the number of posts for the day with that status.
  • View month by social network - Select the month view, and then select this option to find out how many posts you've created for each social network. This is a great way to see where you might have gaps in your content calendar.
    Monthly calendar view by social network.

Note: Instagram posts and stories published via mobile notification appear in your content calendar as Published as soon as the publishing notification is sent. Someone still needs to take action on that notification to publish the content to Instagram.

Posts published from Instagram (not Hootsuite) may not immediately appear in your content calendar in Hootsuite.

Customize your display settings

Select Settings to customize your display preferences.

  • In the week view, you can choose to see all your content at a glance in the Condensed view or in its scheduled time slot in the Expanded view.
  • Start your week on Sunday or Monday.
  • Choose whether you want to Show recommended times when scheduling posts. Learn more about these recommendations.
  • You aren't limited to seeing just the content you published in Hootsuite. Select Show posts published via social to also see the posts you published directly in a social network. (Posts published via social will only display from March 3, 2023 forward. Threads published outside of Hootsuite will not display in your content calendar.)

Manage your scheduled content

You can create new, scheduled content and reschedule, edit, delete, or suspend scheduled content right in the calendar. Select a post to open it in the calendar and take action on it. Learn more about creating and scheduling posts in your calendar.

Example of a scheduled post with the more actions button selected showing duplicate and move to drafts options.


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