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  Article updated: April 27, 2023

Export your content calendar

You can export your Planner content (including scheduled drafts) to PDF and CSV for quick sharing with stakeholders who don't use Hootsuite. For easy collaboration on your social content calendar, you can filter export data by date, social account, post status, and campaign.

Export your content

  1. Go to Planner .
  2. Optionally, filter Planner by social account, post status, or campaign. Filters you apply will also apply to your export. Learn more about filtering Planner.
  3. Select Export, and then choose an option.
    The CSV export option selected in Planner.
  4. For CSV exports, you can choose whether or not you want to include unscheduled posts in your organization that are pending approval.
  5. Select a date range to export, and then select Export. Exports can span up to 365 days, as far back or forward as one year.

Depending on export size, your report may take a little time to generate. You can continue to work in Hootsuite, we’ll let you know when the export is ready. You’ll also get an email with the export download link. Download links expire one week from the export date.


  • Media links are valid for one week from the export date. To refresh expired media links, create a new export file.
  • If you're exporting more than 500 posts, you can only export to CSV.
  • Exports do not currently include post targeting details.
  • Exports do not currently include ads for Enterprise plan members using Hootsuite Social Advertising.


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