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  Article updated: May 16, 2024

Create a Pinterest pin

Create and publish Pinterest pins from Hootsuite. To save time, you can publish to several Pinterest accounts or boards at once. Publish pins right away, or schedule them in advance for a specific day and time.

Note: You can only publish and schedule pins to Pinterest using the web version of Hootsuite.

Video: Pinterest publishing with Hootsuite.

Watch Best practices for sharing content on Pinterest for great publishing guidance. Visit Hootsuite Academy to watch more videos, take courses, or earn industry-recognized certifications.

Create your pin

You must have at least one board in your Pinterest account to create pins in Hootsuite.

  1. Select Composer, and then select Pin. You can also start your Pin in Planner .
  2. Select a Pinterest board or type a keyword to search for a board.
    Available Pinterest boards in the Pin to list.
    You can also select Create new board to add a new board to your Pinterest accounts.
    Tip: If you see the message "You haven't connected any Pinterest accounts yet" but you've added a Pinterest account to Hootsuite, it means that you need to select the correct Hootsuite organization, or that there aren't any boards in your account. You must have at least one board in your Pinterest account to create pins in Hootsuite.
  3. Add the website URL that the pin links to. Pinterest requires a full, valid website link - shortened URLs are not supported.
  4. Enter a description for your pin. The character limit for pin descriptions is 500. You can use all of the following in your description:
  5. Add an image or GIF to your pin. The maximum file size for uploaded images is 5MB. You can attach one image per pin. Videos are not supported. You can drag files from your computer into your post. You can also design visuals with Canva (see Design visuals with Canva for help) or add media from a Media library.
    Tip: To edit an image, point to its thumbnail and select Edit image . You can select Pinterest-specific sizes in the image editor to crop your images. Edit your images in Hootsuite.

Preview, schedule, and publish your pin

When you’re finished creating your pin, take a look at it in the preview on the right to see how it will look on your Pinterest board. You'll be alerted to any issues. Save a draft of your post if you're not ready to publish or schedule it. Otherwise, select a Post now or Schedule for later option.

 Schedule for later and Post now with arrow selected showing options.

Learn how to find and manage your drafts, published posts, and scheduled posts in a calendar view.


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