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  Article updated: June 24, 2021

Automatically schedule a post

You can keep your social presence always active by automatically scheduling posts to fill the gaps in your scheduled content. AutoSchedule schedules content for you based on the following:

  • Your customized AutoSchedule settings (posts per day, time period, and days applicable)
  • Your already-scheduled content for the selected social account
  • High-engagement time periods for the social network generally (not specific to your own or your audience's habits)

Important: AutoSchedule does not automate duplication of posts. It schedules each post once within the timeframe selected in your AutoSchedule settings.

Tip: Team, Business, and Enterprise plan members can use the Best Time to Publish view in Analytics for personalized suggestions based on your goals. See Suggestions for the best times to publish on social.

AutoSchedule settings are applied per social account, so if AutoSchedule is set to schedule up to five posts throughout the week, it will schedule up to five posts on each social account.

Different times may be selected for the same post depending on the network. For example, if AutoSchedule is used for a post for Twitter and Facebook, the Tweet could be scheduled for 11:30 AM and the Facebook post could be scheduled for noon. All scheduled times are in 5-minute increments.

AutoSchedule a post

  1. When editing or creating a post, select Schedule for later.
  2. Switch AutoSchedule to On.
    Schedule for later calendar with autoschedule option highlighted
  3. Select Done.
  4. Select Schedule.
    Autoschedule turned on

After AutoSchedule is switched on, it remains on for all future posts.

View your autoscheduled posts and Manage your scheduled posts in the Publisher.

Adjust AutoSchedule settings

  1. When creating or editing a post, select Schedule for later.
  2. Switch AutoSchedule to On.
  3. Select Adjust Settings.
  4. Select the number of posts per day that you want to post to each social account, the preferred posting time period, and the preferred posting days.
    Autoschedule settings
  5. Select Save Settings.

Changes to AutoSchedule settings are applied to scheduled posts going forward, they don't impact already scheduled posts.