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  Article updated: May 28, 2024

Transfer ownership of a Hootsuite account

If the owner of a company’s Hootsuite account leaves, transfer ownership of their account to someone else to keep your organization up and running. To do this, do the following:

  1. Remove the previous owner's personal social accounts.
  2. Update the billing information on the account.
  3. Update the user profile and change the password.

Important: You can only associate one email address with each Hootsuite account. To use an email address associated with a different Hootsuite account, first change the email for that account.

If your organization has an existing Hootsuite account, but you don’t have access to the associated email address, contact our support team. We'll ask you to provide information about the account to ensure you are authorized to take it over. We will then ask for and add the new email address for the account.

If you do have access to the email address, you can reset the Hootsuite account password. Then, update the email address on the account. See Change your profile, email, and password.

Tip: Use generic email addresses (like for company Hootsuite accounts. This will help you to avoid getting locked out if the account owner leaves.


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