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  Article updated: January 26, 2024

Known app issues

The following apps have a few issues you may want to know about. If you encounter an issue not listed, please reach out to our support team.


  • When sending Facebook posts to Flipboard, the app will only send URLs contained within the posts. If there is no URL, the app will display the following message: "Sorry! This content cannot be added to Flipboard."


  • If left for long periods of time, the app may redirect to Refresh your browser to load the app properly.


  • Safari browser users may see the error "Couldn't verify your session" in Streams. Clear the check box for Prevent cross-site tracking in the browser privacy preferences to access the app.


  • Users on Internet Explorer 11 cannot get past the login screen. Use a different browser to access the app.

RSS Auto Publisher

  • If the app is only posting the link to an article and not including the post title, pausing and restarting the feed has been found to resolve the issue.

Talkwalker Free News Alerts

  • The app is not currently optimized for the Safari browser. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox for the best experience.


  • In-stream thumbnails for image search results from certain sources (Tumblr) are not the same as the original image.


  • When connecting to the Zendesk app, enter only the company name in the subdomain field. Entering the whole subdomain will cause an invalid error. For example, enter Hootsuite, instead of

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