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  Article updated: July 19, 2021

Get started with Amplify for advocates

Audience: Advocates

Hootsuite Amplify is a brand advocacy and social selling app—available on both your mobile devices and your Hootsuite desktop—that makes it easy to share curated company content to your own social networks. Think of Amplify as a library of pre-approved social content that you can share to support your organization’s goals as well as your own professional social presence.

Understand your role as an advocate

When you use Amplify to share your organization’s social content to your own social accounts, you’re acting as an employee advocate. As an advocate, you can use the mobile and desktop Amplify apps to help extend your company’s social reach, keep up with industry news, and build your own social presence.

Note: Depending on your role and your organization’s use of Hootsuite, you may see and have access to a variety of other Hootsuite features when using the desktop version of Amplify. See Social selling with Amplify to learn more.

Amplify users who write, curate, and customize social content and make it available for employees to share are called admins. As an advocate using Amplify, you will only see content that has been vetted and pre-approved by your organization’s admins for you to share to your own social accounts.