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  Article updated: May 28, 2024

Get started with Amplify for advocates

Become an employee advocate and level-up your professional social presence! Use Amplify to share content created by your company with your social accounts. It's a great way to promote both your company and your professional side on social.

Brand advocacy with Amplify video.

As an advocate, you'll work with admins. They create, edit, and share professional social content with you. Then, with a click of a button, you can share that content to your own accounts. No more second-guessing what you should share or what you should write. You can just post away knowing it’s all been prepped for you.

To read more about how employee advocacy can benefit you, see Why Piggybacking on Your Brand’s Social Posts is Great for Your Career. Visit the Hootsuite Blog for news, tips, tools, and tactics to help you succeed on social media.

Join Amplify and connect your social accounts

Check your email - you should get an invite to join Amplify from Hootsuite. Just follow the steps to get started. You can use both the web version of Hootsuite and the Hootsuite mobile app.

Hootsuite will ask you to connect your social accounts and to pick some topics you're interested in. Don't worry, your personal accounts are only shown to and managed by you, not your company. And Amplify will only publish what you choose.

Need help connecting your social accounts? See Connect a social account to Hootsuite.

Having trouble with accounts disconnecting? See Manage your social account connections.

Training: Hootsuite offers group training to Business and Enterprise plan customers. Sign up for Live Product Training and learn how to build success with Hootsuite.

Tip: When you share content from Amplify, you engage with clients and prospects on social and learn what they like. This sets the stage for social selling opportunities. Social selling is the practice of using social media to find and establish relationships with audiences and prospects through targeted content. To learn more about social selling, see Social Selling: What it is, Why You Should Care, and How to Do It Right.


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