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  Article updated: May 07, 2024

Measure Amplify results

Measure the success of your Amplify advocacy program with Analytics. Contact your customer account manager to enable this feature for your admins.

Audience: Amplify admins

Measuring success with analytics video.

Create an Amplify report

In addition to the Amplify leaderboard, there are 5 pre-built report templates you can use to see how your Amplify program is doing.

  1. Go to Analytics.
  2. Select Create a report.
    Analytics navigation with New report highlighted.
  3. Select Amplify.
    Add a new report view with Amplify highlighted.
  4. Select from one of the following reports, and then select Create report:
    • User adoption - Monitor how your Amplify program is progressing. You can use this report to see the number of members you've invited to use Amplify and those that have signed up. Or see how many members shared an Amplify post.
    • Post impact - Compares the performance of your posts by social network, member, topic, or reach. You can use this report to see which networks your members are sharing content on most. Or use it to track the most popular topics.
    • Twitter engagement, LinkedIn engagement, and Facebook engagement - View a breakdown of engagement and reach statistics by network. Let's say, you've optimized your content for LinkedIn, you can use the LinkedIn engagement report to see which posts are getting the most shares, likes, or replies on that network.
  5. You can view data by time period, customize your report view, and share and export your report. Learn how to do more with your reports.

Note: Facebook engagement applies to Pages, not Profiles.

If your reports show where you might improve your strategy and you're looking for some guidance, check out the tips and tricks in Maximize your social reach through employee advocacy.


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