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  Article updated: May 09, 2022

Tag someone when an ad contains branded content

If your Facebook Page has access to Facebook's branded content tool, you can tag business partners in your Facebook campaigns when posts contain branded content.

Branded content features, or is influenced by, a third-party product, brand, or sponsor. Pages that create or share branded content must comply with Facebook’s branded content policy, including tagging their partner in the post, and only tagging partners who have provided consent.

Facebook must grant access to the branded content tool before a Page can tag business partners in posts. Tagged business partners will be notified, and able to view the post’s metrics as well as create their own ad with the post. Learn more about branded content

Note that Instagram placement is not supported when branded content is tagged.

Tag a business partner

  1. On the Ads Design step (2) of campaign creation, select your Page that will run the ad. Pages enabled to tag business partners will display this icon .
  2. In the Search a business partner field, enter the name of the partner and then select them from the list.
  3. Complete the rest of your ad creative as usual. In the preview your ad will appear tagged “ - with [business partner]”.

Manage who can tag your Page

Pages with access to the branded content tool can tag any other Facebook Page, unless that Page has approvals enabled for branded content.

Within your Facebook Page’s Settings, select Branded Content from the menu on the left. Turn on Page Approvals to specify which Pages can tag your Page in branded content. If Page Approvals are off, any Page with access to the branded content tool could tag your Page.

Even if you do not have Page Approvals enabled, you can still untag your Page from a branded content post if the creator did not have your permission to tag your Page.


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