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  Article updated: December 26, 2022

Renew an expired access token for Ads

Facebook generates and issues access tokens to grant third party applications (like Hootsuite) access the Facebook API. Access tokens represent the permissions given to Hootsuite Ads to manage your Facebook ad account when you first authorize the connection to Facebook.

When an access token expires, Hootsuite Ads can no longer access your Facebook campaigns through the Facebook API. Hootsuite Ads cannot refresh your campaign data or send any changes to your campaigns to Facebook. In addition, you cannot create any new campaigns from your Hootsuite Ads account.

You must use the same Facebook account you used when you connected the Facebook ad account to Hootsuite Ads to renew an expired access token.
  1. In Hootsuite Ads, select Settings .
  2. Select the Facebook ad accounts tab.
  3. Select Renew it on the ad account you need to reconnect.
  4. Select Reauthorize application.
  5. Enter your Facebook login credentials (email and password), and then select Login. You must sign in as the same Facebook user who originally imported the ad account into Hootsuite Ads.
  6. Select Continue as (profile name).
  7. Select OK.

What if the Facebook user who originally connected to Hootsuite Ads has left the company?

If the Facebook user who originally connected to Hootsuite Ads has left the company, you must move the ad accounts to a new managing Facebook user. Please contact customer support for assistance with this.


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