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  Article updated: December 21, 2023

Measure the results of your split tests

When a Facebook campaign containing split tests has been running for a while, it has collected data that can be examined to assess the results.

First, navigate to your campaign dashboard and then click the Ads Reporting tab. This tab shows a breakdown of your experiments, and only appears for campaigns that are running split tests.

Your campaigns tab with ads reporting highlighted.

Whether you are split testing audiences, creative, interests, or placements, you can use this section to review the results of whichever elements you tested in your campaign. Based on those results, you can pause the experiments that are not performing as well as others.

In this example, 2 different ad images were tested against each other, and image is selected as the Primary stat. Each image is assigned a color on the graph. Specify your preferred Graph metric from the list on the left, and then click Graph it! to update the following graph.

Example of two ad images split test.

Review each experiment and the results from each test in the graph and metrics table. From the table you can pause underperforming experiments.

To view the results of two split tests at a time, select a Secondary stat from the list on the left. For example, if you split tested images and locations, you'll be able to see how each image performed across each location. If one image has an expensive cost per conversion in a particular location, you can easily justify turn off that ad due to the high costs.


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