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  Article updated: May 13, 2021

Advertising on Instagram

You have three options for enabling advertising on Instagram. You can:

  • connect your public Instagram account to a single Facebook Page. Learn more.
  • connect your public Instagram account to an ad account in Facebook Business Manager, to use your Instagram acount with multiple Pages. Learn more.
  • use your Facebook Page to represent your business on Instagram (if you don't have an Instagram account). Instagram creates a 'fake' Instagram account for your ads with your Page's business details. However, your Instagram profile won't be clickable when users see your ads.

After you connect an Instagram account to your Facebook Page or ad account, sync your ad account in Hootsuite Ads to make sure that Hootsuite recognizes the Instagram account. If you choose to use your Page for Instagram ads, you're ready tostart creating Instagram ads and Story ads.

If you already have Instagram accounts in your Business Manager, make sure they have at least one ad account assigned to them.