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  Article updated: August 15, 2022

Custom pixel events and conversions

Conversion data for standard pixel events will automatically appear in Hootsuite Ads. If you're tracking a custom event with your pixel, the corresponding data for your campaigns won't appear in Hootsuite Ads until a custom conversion is created for each event in Facebook Events Manager.

If you're missing a conversion event in Hootsuite Ads, navigate to your Facebook pixel page, and click Create Custom Conversion in the top-right corner. Select the website event from your pixel, complete the rule and description for the custom conversion, and then click Create. Learn more on Facebook.

Custom conversion showing All URL traffic selected and add another rule option.

Once this is done, your new custom conversion will appear as selectable in the Ads Design step (2) of campaign creation under Goal Tracking, and will be included in the campaign's reported metrics.


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