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  Article updated: August 15, 2022

Create an Instagram Story ad campaign

You can use Instagram Story ad campaigns to reach your audience on a more personal level. Create Story ads in Hootsuite Ads with a photo, or video, to appear between people's Stories on Instagram.

  1. On the Hootsuite Ads home page, select New campaign.
  2. On the Facebook tab, enter a name for your campaign and select an ad account.
  3. In the What do you want to promote? section, select External Website, and then select Proceed.
    What do you want to promote with website tab and external website selected.
  4. On the Ads Design page, select your Facebook page, and specify the elements of your ad creative (headline, ad text, and upload a picture or video).
    • Picture: Recommended size 1200px x 1920px.
    • Video: Up to 2 minutes long, and at least 600px x 315px.
  5. In the Placement & Previews section, select Instagram Story and review the preview of your ad for the Instagram Story placement. If applicable, follow any instructions listed to successfully generate your Story ad.
    Placement and previews with all variations selected.
  6. If your campaign is for Instagram Stories only, clear all other placement options.
  7. Select Proceed and complete your campaign set up as usual.


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