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  Article updated: May 21, 2023

Moderate YouTube comments

If you’ve enabled content moderation in YouTube, you can approve, delete, or reply to comments in your YouTube Moderate and Likely Spam streams in Hootsuite—before they’re published. You can also hide a user’s comments on your channel from any stream. To learn how to enable YouTube content moderation, go to Learn about comment settings on YouTube Help.

Anyone can report a comment to YouTube as spam or abuse. When enough users report a comment as spam, that comment gets hidden in the comments thread. If you report a comment on your own video, it’s immediately removed from your Hootsuite streams and YouTube video comments. For more information, see the YouTube help article Report inappropriate content.

Note: YouTube filters comments that it thinks are spam. You can find these in the Likely Spam stream. This stream does not include comments that have been marked as spam by users.

You can:

  • Delete comments on your own videos.
  • Block specific users from commenting on videos on your channel.
  • Delete your own comments from any video at any time.
  • Publish your own comments on your moderated videos without going through the moderation process.

Video: How to Engage Your YouTube Community Using Hootsuite.

Moderate YouTube comments

  1. Go to Streams, and then go to a YouTube Moderate or Likely Spam stream.
  2. Select Approve, Delete, or Reply below the comment.

Important: When you reply to a comment in the YouTube Moderate stream, that comment is automatically approved and published.

Hide someone's comments from your channel

  1. Go to Streams, and then go to the YouTube stream.
  2. Go to the comment you want to hide, select More options next to the comment, and then select Hide user's comments on this channel.

To learn more about using YouTube with Hootsuite, see Publish a video to YouTube.

For more advice on moderating YouTube comments, read Guide to YouTube Comments: View, Reply, Delete, and More. Visit the Hootsuite blog for news, tips, tools, and tactics to help you succeed on social media.


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