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  Article updated: November 10, 2021

Add a social account to Hootsuite

Connecting your social accounts to Hootsuite helps you save time managing your social media. Instead of signing in to each social network individually, you can manage activity for all of them in one place.

How to add a social network in Hootsuite video

Each Hootsuite plan type lets you add a different number of social accounts (see Overview of Hootsuite plans). If you reach your plan limit when adding social accounts, you must remove an account to make room for a new one.

Generally, everyone has one social profile per account when they sign up with a social network, like Twitter or Instagram. Facebook and LinkedIn are a bit different. With those social networks, you could have access to multiple account types, including your personal profile, as well as Pages or groups. Pages and groups are also considered account types in Hootsuite.

Supported social networks and account types

Hootsuite supports the following account types and counts each one toward your account limit:

Social networks and supported account types
Social networkSupported account type
  • Twitter profiles
  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook groups
    • Analytics are not supported for groups.
    • In the Hootsuite mobile app, publishing is supported for groups but streams are not.
  • Facebook profiles
    • Following several changes by Facebook in 2018 to protect user privacy, publishing is no longer supported for Facebook personal profiles. You can add a read-only Timeline stream for personal profiles.
  • Instagram business profiles
  • Instagram personal profiles
    • Analytics and direct publishing aren’t supported for personal profiles, and stream monitoring is read-only.
  • YouTube channels
    • In the Hootsuite mobile app, YouTube streams are available but publishing is not.
  • LinkedIn Pages (Company, Showcase, or University)
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Pinterest profiles
    • Hootsuite’s Pinterest integration is for publishing only, so streams aren’t available. Pinterest is only available in the web version of Hootsuite.
  • LinkedIn groups and Facebook gray accounts are not supported. Gray accounts are an old type of account used to manage a Facebook Page without a personal Facebook account.
  • Hootsuite does not currently support any integrations for Snapchat, MeWe, Nextdoor, or XING.

Tip: To integrate a social account not listed here, like TikTok, WeChat or Sina Weibo, check to see if it’s available in Hootsuite Apps.

For step-by-step instructions for connecting each type of account in web or mobile, see:

Important information for Impact customers

If you're using Hootsuite and Hootsuite Impact, you must add your social accounts to both. See Connect a social account or ad account to Impact for detailed instructions.

Troubleshoot adding a social account

I can't add more accounts, even though my plan type supports more.

Team, Business, and Enterprise plan members, make sure you’re adding accounts to your Hootsuite organization, and not for your private use. If you’ve recently upgraded to a Business plan, your limit will be updated after you receive the first email from the Hootsuite customer success team.

The account I’m trying to add is currently owned by another user

A social media account can only connect to one Hootsuite account at a time. If the account you’re trying to add is already connected to another Hootsuite account, you'll see the error, "This social network is currently owned by another user." You'll be prompted to Take Ownership of the account.

  • If the account is connected to Hootsuite for personal use, you can take ownership of it, which removes the account from that Hootsuite account and connects it to yours.
  • If the account is connected to a Hootsuite organization, you cannot claim it. You’ll either see a message displaying the name of the organization that currently owns the account, or when you try to take ownership you’ll see the message, “You don’t have access to this social network”.

Team, Business, and Enterprise members of a Hootsuite organization - You should already have access to the social accounts in the organization and should not need to add them to your own Hootsuite account. For more information, see Overview of teams and organizations.