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  Article updated: October 19, 2021

Overview of teams and organizations

Collaborate with your team to streamline workflows and efficiently manage social accounts. You can set up teams and organizations to do the following:

  • Assign certain messages to specific teams. You might want to route some messages to your PR or crisis management team, for example.
  • Share streams so you can monitor the same content.
  • Manage your social accounts without having to share passwords.

Plans: Team, Business, Enterprise

What is a Hootsuite organization?

A Hootsuite organization consists of individuals, teams, and shared social accounts. Each Hootsuite account can create one organization. But members can belong to many organizations and teams. You could have an organization called Social Marketing, for example. In that organization, you could have teams like PR, customer support, and marketing. These teams include individuals from the larger organization. You can assign teams which social accounts to monitor and what tasks to work on in Hootsuite.

You can control the level of access that organization members have using permissions. The person who creates the organization is the Super admin. Super admins have the highest level of management permissions. Super admins can grant other organization members super admin permissions.

Introduction to Hootsuite organizations and permissions video