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  Article updated: July 14, 2021

Overview of custom permissions

In Hootsuite organizations, Business and Enterprise plan members can assign custom permissions to limit access to specific Hootsuite functions. Hootsuite organization members can have custom permissions assigned at the organization, team, and social account levels. This article provides an overview of the custom permissions available.

For information on setting up and working with a Hootsuite organization, see Get started with your Hootsuite Business or Enterprise account.

Plans: Business and Enterprise

Custom organization permissions

Use organization permissions to determine who has access to manage the structure of the organization. The following custom organization permissions are available:

  • Manage Members - View, edit, add, and delete members of the organization.
  • Manage Teams - View, edit, add, and delete teams in the organization.
  • Add Social Network - Add social accounts to the organization.
  • Remove Social Network - Remove social accounts from the organization.
  • Manage Social Networks - View, edit, add, and delete social accounts in this organization.
  • Manage Organization Permissions - Set permissions for the organization.
  • Manage Organization Profile - Manage organization profile information.
  • Manage Hootsuite University Provisioning - Enroll or remove organization members from Hootsuite Academy.
  • Manage Vanity URLs - Edit, add, and delete the organization's vanity URLs.
  • Manage Archives - Edit, add, and delete the organization's Twitter archives.
  • Manage Genesis - Configure Adobe Genesis settings.
  • Manage Message Tags - Edit, add, and remove inbound and outbound tags in the organization's tag library.
  • Manage Automation - Edit, add, and remove the organization's automated assignments and tag rules.

Custom team permissions

Use team permissions to determine who has access to manage teams within your organization. For detailed information, see Collaborate with teams and organizations. The following custom team permissions are available:

  • Manage Team Members - Add or remove members from team.
  • Manage Team Information - Edit team name, avatar, and team access to vanity URLs.
  • Manage Social Networks in the Team - Add or remove social accounts from the team.
  • Manage Vanity URLs - Add or remove team access to organization's vanity URLs.
  • Manage Team Shared Streams - Manage team's shared streams.
  • Manage Team Permissions - Set permissions for the team.
  • Manage Content Library and Assets - Edit, add, and delete assets in the team's content libraries.

Custom social account permissions

Use social account permissions to determine who has access to manage and publish to social accounts in your organization. The following custom social account permissions are available:

  • Basic Usage - View-only access to a social account.
  • Publish Message - Publish messages, comments, and replies (see Create and publish posts).
  • Publish Message with Approval - Publishing messages requires approval but comments and replies do not.
  • Comment and Reply - Comment, reply, and publish messages to the social account.
  • Comment and Reply with Approval - Comments, replies, and publishing require approval.
  • Facebook Private Messages - Send private Facebook messages.
  • React - Like or favorite content, comments, and replies on any social account.
  • Twitter Retweets - Retweet Twitter messages.
  • Approve Messages - Approve some team members posts, comments, and replies.
  • View Private Stream - View private messages (for example, Twitter direct and Facebook private messages).
  • Manage Contacts - Manage contacts like Twitter followers and Facebook friends.
  • Manage RSS / Atom feeds - Edit, add, and delete RSS and Atom feeds (see Manage an RSS or Atom feed).
  • Manage Social Network Profile - Edit social profile (name, picture, and secure post settings). See Sync an account's profile picture or name.
  • Manage Member Social Network Permissions - Set permissions for social accounts (see Assign social account permissions).
  • Promote Ads - Promote content (see Create and promote a post).
  • Manage Ad accounts - View, add, and remove ad accounts for the social account (see Manage ad accounts in Hootsuite).