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  Article updated: October 19, 2021

Overview of custom permissions

Assign custom permissions to set up access to Hootsuite functions. Custom permissions are assigned at the organization, team, and social account levels.

Plans: Business and Enterprise

Custom organization permissions

Set the following permissions to manage the structure of the organization:

  • Manage Members - View, edit, add, and delete organization members.
  • Manage Teams - View, edit, add, and delete teams in the organization.
  • Add Social Network - Add social accounts to the organization.
  • Remove Social Network - Remove social accounts from the organization.
  • Manage Social Networks - View, edit, add, and delete social accounts in the organization.
  • Manage Organization Permissions - Set permissions for the organization.
  • Manage Organization Profile - Manage organization profile information.
  • Manage Hootsuite University Provisioning - Manage access to Hootsuite Academy.
  • Manage Vanity URLs - Edit, add, and delete the organization's vanity URLs.
  • Manage Archives - Edit, add, and delete the organization's Twitter archives.
  • Manage Genesis - Configure Adobe Genesis settings.
  • Manage Message Tags - Edit, add, and remove tags in the tag library.
  • Manage Automation - Edit, add, and remove automated assignments and tag rules.

Custom team permissions

Set the following permissions to manage teams in your organization:

  • Manage Team Members - Add or remove members from a team.
  • Manage Team Information - Manage team name, avatar, and team access to vanity URLs.
  • Manage Social Networks in the Team - Add or remove social accounts from the team.
  • Manage Vanity URLs - Add or remove team access to organization's vanity URLs.
  • Manage Team Shared Streams - Manage team's shared streams.
  • Manage Team Permissions - Set permissions for the team.
  • Manage Content Library and Assets - Edit, add, and delete assets in the team's content libraries.

Custom social account permissions

Set the following permissions to manage and publish to social accounts in your organization:

  • Basic Usage - Read-only access to a social account.
  • Publish Message - Publish messages, comments, and replies, and hide Facebook comments.
  • Publish Message with Approval - Require approval to publish messages. No approval is required for comments and replies.
  • Comment and Reply - Comment, reply, and publish messages to the social account.
  • Comment and Reply with Approval - Comments, replies, and publishing require approval.
  • Facebook Private Messages - Send private Facebook messages.
  • React - Like or favorite content, comments, and replies on any social account.
  • Twitter Retweets - Retweet Twitter messages.
  • Approve Messages - Approve team members posts, comments, and replies.
  • View Private Stream - View private messages (for example, Twitter direct and Facebook private messages).
  • Manage Contacts - Manage contacts like Twitter followers and Facebook friends.
  • Manage Social Network Profile - Edit social profile (name, picture, and secure post settings). See Sync an account's profile picture or name.
  • Manage Member Social Network Permissions - Set permissions for social accounts. See Assign social account permissions.
  • Promote Ads - Promote ad content.
  • Manage Ad accounts - View, add, and remove ad accounts for the social account. See Manage ad accounts in Hootsuite.