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  Article updated: May 01, 2024

Approve content before it goes live

You can assign permissions to help control off-brand or accidental communications to your social accounts. Members assigned the Limited or Responder permission must have their content approved before it can be published via Hootsuite or sent in Inbox 2.0.

If you're an organization admin, and you want to set up an approval process, see Set up an approval process.

Plans: Business and Enterprise

Authors and Inbox 2.0 agents get a notification when someone approves or rejects their content. You can customize notifications for both approvers and authors. Learn how to customize notifications.

Approving posts composed by team members video.

Web Mobile

Approve, edit, or reject content

View, edit, approve, and reject content in your content calendar.

  1. Go to Planner, select your organization, and then select Approvals.
  2. Select to view content with approvals that are Assigned to you, Created by you, Rejected, or Expired.
    • Rejected - Shows rejected content with notes from the approver. Authors can edit the content and resend it for approval. Content rejected by or waiting for approval from Proofpoint appears here.
    • Expired - Shows content that was not approved before its scheduled publish time or was pending approval for longer than 90 days. The author, or any organization admin, can edit or delete the content.
  3. You can filter your approvals by post type, social account, or by date.
    Approval filters showing Pending, Rejected, Expired, Post type options, and Social accounts.
  4. Select the content to view it.
  5. For posts, you can open them, and then select Edit to edit them before you approve them. You cannot edit private messages, comments, and replies (you can only approve or reject them).
  6. Select Approve or Reject.

Unless a second or third approval is part of your process, approved content publishes (or gets scheduled) right away. If you have a second approver, they receive the approval request after the first approves the content. Likewise, the third approver receives an approval request after the second has approved the content.

Note: Make sure you approve scheduled posts with ample time for them to publish. You'll need to approve posts at least 5 minutes (videos 15 minutes) before they are scheduled to publish. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until they appear in the Expired queue.

Getting asked to approve the same post more than once?

You may be asked to approve a post twice. This can happen if the post author has Limited permissions and asked you to approve their post even though your organization already had an approval process set up.

View approval history

Approval history tracks who sends, edits, and approves posts. To view approval history for comments, replies, and private messages, open those items in Inbox 2.0.

  1. Go to Planner, select your organization, and then select Approvals.
  2. Select the content, and then select View approval history.
    Selected content with view approval history highlighted.


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