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  Article updated: November 10, 2021

Publish and schedule posts in the Hootsuite mobile app

Create posts on the go with the Hootsuite mobile app. Send posts to all your social accounts from one place, or schedule them to publish later.

Publishing to the following social accounts is supported on iOS and Android devices:

  • Twitter profiles
  • Instagram personal profiles
  • Instagram business profiles
  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook groups
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • LinkedIn Pages

Select an account publish to

  1. Go to Compose .
  2. Select the plus icon next to and choose the accounts you want to publish your post to. Only one Twitter profile can be selected per post.

    Tip: For quick access to accounts you use frequently, select the pin icon beside those accounts. The icon appears blue when an account is pinned.

  3. On an iOS device, select Done in the top right. On an Android device, select the back arrow in the top left.

The social accounts available are dependent on the organization selected in your app settings (see Set preferences in the Hootsuite mobile app ). If you belong to more than one organization, make sure the correct one is selected to view specific social accounts.

Compose the post

  1. Enter the text of your post, including any links you want to include.

    Select the link shortener icon to shorten any included links.
    Team, Business, and Enterprise plan members who have vanity URLs set up in the web version of Hootsuite (and have the permissions to use them) can select to shorten with a vanity URL instead (see Add, share, or delete a vanity URL).
    Note that posts containing link previews must also contain text in the body of the post before they can be published.

  2. To mention a Twitter or Instagram user or a Facebook Page, enter the @username. A list of results to select from appears for Twitter and Facebook. Enter an Instagram user's exact username to publish a hyperlinked mention in Instagram.

Mentions in posts sent to more than one social account appear as hyperlinked mentions in the social account of your choice. In the other social accounts, mentions are converted to plain text. Facebook Page mentions can only be published by other Facebook Pages.

Include images

Tip: For iOS devices, photo and camera access must be enabled in your device settings (see Set permissions for the Hootsuite mobile app).

  1. Select the photo icon to attach media to your post. (Alternatively, select the camera icon to take a new photo.)
  2. Select the tabs to browse device media, free stock images, GIFs from GIPHY, or images from a content library (Business and Enterprise plans only).
  3. Select an image to attach it to the post. You can select an image thumbnail to preview it.
  4. Facebook Pages: Select an existing Facebook album to publish images to.

Twitter and Facebook Pages also support 1 animated GIF per post. Animated GIFs published to Instagram appear as still images.

Publish a video

Publish videos to Twitter profiles, LinkedIn Pages or profiles, Instagram personal or business profiles, or Facebook Pages or groups. Videos must be .mov and can't exceed 40 frames per second. The Hootsuite mobile app encodes uploaded video to fit each social network's video requirements, so you don't have to worry about formatting them yourself. At this time portrait videos to Instagram are not supported. To learn more about video file requirements, see Work with videos.

  1. Select the photo icon and select an existing video from your device.

    Facebook Pages: Select the video thumbnail and then select Edit to add a title and video category, or select Change thumbnail to select a different thumbnail option or upload your own. The video title is visible in Facebook when the video is clicked on for viewing.

Videos published to Facebook appear as shares in the Page timeline, and are added to the video library of that Page.

Add your location to tweets

  • Select the location icon to add your current location (geotag) to Twitter posts. The icon appears blue when your location is added.

Tip: Location access must be enabled in your device settings for the Hootsuite mobile app. See Set permissions for the Hootsuite mobile app).

On iOS devices, location access (geotagging) can be auto-enabled for every tweet in your app preferences.

Send or schedule

Review any warning messages on your post. When ready to publish, select Next in the top right, and then choose one of the following options:

  • Send now to publish right away
  • Auto schedule, to automatically schedule your post for an optimal time, based on your already scheduled content and AutoSchedule settings from the web version of Hootsuite
  • Custom schedule to set a later date and time for the post to publish

Select Save draft in the bottom right at any time to resume editing and scheduling later (see Save and edit drafts in the Hootsuite mobile app).

After sending or scheduling a post, the post’s status appears. You can select to view your post directly in the social network, or view scheduled posts in Planner.

Important: Posts to personal Instagram profiles, and business profiles that are not set up for direct publishing, will be published using the mobile notification workflow.
If you see "Something went wrong" after publishing directly, see Your Instagram account is a creator profile.

When a post fails to send to one or more social accounts, the reason for the failure appears. Select Edit failed posts and try again to fix the error, and then send or schedule the post again.

Note: The Hootsuite mobile app uses the time zone set on your device.

Web-only publishing and scheduling features

A few of Hootsuite's more advanced and complex tasks can be performed in the web version of Hootsuite only. See the following articles for information about tasks that cannot be performed in the Hootsuite mobile app:

To read more, see How to create a social media posting schedule. Visit the Hootsuite blog for news, tips, tools, and tactics to help you succeed on social media.