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  Article updated: May 09, 2022

Introduction to Hootsuite Impact

Use Hootsuite Impact to track and analyze your social results and return on investment (ROI), prove the business value of your social campaigns, and optimize the performance of your organic and paid social media efforts.

Plans: Enterprise plan members with Hootsuite Impact or Impact Starter, and Business plan members with Impact Starter. Learn more about plan features.

Hootsuite Impact measures organic and paid content metrics for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and organic content metrics on Pinterest and YouTube. Enterprise plan members with Hootsuite Impact can also set up custom metrics to monitor what’s most important to them. Ask your customer success manager about setting up a new metric that Impact calculates for you.

The Impact metrics library includes a complete list of metrics and their descriptions for each social network and account type. Learn more at Metrics in Hootsuite Impact.

introduction to hootsuite impact video

Understand plans, features, and data

Note: For Impact features in Analytics, see Track results using Impact in Analytics.

The data available in Impact depends on your plan. Full Hootsuite plans include all features, and Hootsuite Impact Starter plans include a subset of features. See the following table for details about the features and data provided with each plan.

Table with features included in Hootsuite Impact and Hootsuite Impact Starter.
FeatureIncluded withDescription
My Analytics

Hootsuite Impact

Hootsuite Impact Starter

View and compare the performance of your organic and ad accounts side by side. Select from numerous chart types to display your social media results. To learn more, see View and compare your organic and paid results.
ROI AnalysisHootsuite ImpactDiscover which social networks and accounts drive the highest ROI. View summary reports by date for individual accounts or all accounts, and compare engagement between ad and organic accounts. To learn more, see Measure your social ROI.
Browse Content

Hootsuite Impact

Hootsuite Impact Starter

Review performance metrics for your organic posts and ads to identify top-performing content. Filter posts and save filters for later use. See Identify your top-performing organic, paid, and dark posts.
Filter Content

Hootsuite Impact

Hootsuite Impact Starter

Analyze the success of your content on social media. Create or use advanced filters to build summary or custom comparison reports. See Build reports in Impact using advanced filters.
InsightsHootsuite ImpactImprove your social content strategy. Compare two time frames for insights on trends. See View insights and trends in Impact.
RecommendationsHootsuite ImpactGet suggestions to optimize your social strategy based on your goals. To learn more, see Gain insights into your results with Recommendations.

Set up your Hootsuite Impact account

After your initial account is set up by your Hootsuite representative, you’ll receive an email invitation to join your Hootsuite Impact account and connect your organic, ad, and website analytics accounts.

Note: It can take up to 24 hours for your account to be set up. Your customer success manager will let you know when your account is ready to use.

Open Hootsuite Impact

In Hootsuite, go to My other products , and then select Go to Impact.

Other products selected, with Impact highlighted

Hootsuite Impact opens in a new tab.

Connect your social accounts to Impact

You can connect social accounts, ad accounts, and website analytics accounts to Impact to track organic and ad metrics and start measuring your social ROI. The more accounts you connect, the more data you can analyze to get a complete view of your social performance.

You can connect the following account types:


  • Facebook business Pages
  • Instagram Business accounts
  • Twitter profiles
  • LinkedIn Pages (Company and Showcase)
  • YouTube channels
  • Pinterest business accounts


  • Facebook ad accounts
  • Instagram ad accounts
  • LinkedIn ad accounts
  • Twitter ad accounts

Website analytics

  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics
Note: If you have a Hootsuite Impact Starter plan, you can add up to five connections, excluding Adobe Analytics.

For step-by-step instructions for connecting each type of account, see:

Manage your social account connections

You can use the Connections option in Impact to connect, view, resolve, and remove your social accounts.

Note: Some account types may require additional authorization steps that you must perform in the social network before you can add your account to Impact. Contact your customer success manager for assistance.

If you’re working in the Impact dashboard, select your dashboard, and then select Account Settings.

Hootsuite impact navigation with account settings option selected

Otherwise, go to My other products, and then select Go to Impact. Impact opens in a new tab.

Select Connections, and then select All Connections.

Hootsuite Impact navigation with the Connections option selected

View and analyze your organic and paid performance

After you connect your social accounts, you can start reviewing your social results in Impact.

View your social data:

  1. In Hootsuite, go to My other products, and then select Go to Impact.
  2. Impact opens in a new tab. Select Impact App.

Impact accounts are unique to each member. You can create reports, configure data, and save custom filters without affecting the dashboards of other members who have access to the same brand connections. You can also use the sharing functionality in Analytics reports with Impact metrics to collaborate with others on your Hootsuite team. Everything you update is saved for you the next time you log in to Hootsuite Impact.

For more information about each type of report and the data they provide, see:

For more information about how to interpret your data and the difference between Page- and post-level metrics, see Metrics in Hootsuite Impact.

Add, manage, and remove team members

To add, manage, and remove team members from your account, contact your customer success manager for assistance.


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