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  Article updated: February 21, 2023

Customize the name and logo for your report

All Analytics customers can customize report names. In addition, Enterprise plan customers can also customize report logos.

Edit a report name

You can change a report name at any time to include your company name, campaign name, quarter, or anything else that suits your needs. A report name appears in the Analytics navigation and on exported reports.

Follow these steps to customize a report name:

  1. Go to Analytics, and then open your report (check out Open an Analytics report).
  2. Select the report name, and then enter your own.
    Report name box with Brand Awareness entered.

Edit the report logo

Plans: Enterprise

If you’re an Enterprise plan customer, you can quickly add your own brand or client logo to any report. The report logo appears on exported reports and email exports.

Before you begin, make sure you’ve uploaded your logo image to your content library in Hootsuite. We recommend using square images for your logo, with dimensions of at least 100px x 100px. Learn how to add your logo to a content library.

Follow these steps to edit a report logo:

  1. Go to Analytics, and then open your report (check out Open an Analytics report).
  2. Select Edit logo to select a logo for your report.
    Analytics page showing a report with Edit report logo highlighted.
  3. If a logo image is not in your content library, a warning will display in the logo area, and the logo won’t show up in your external reports.

When you export reports, your logo is displayed at the top of the first page on PDF exports and at the bottom of each page on PPTX exports.

If you don’t add your own logo to a report, you’ll see the Hootsuite logo for PPTX exports while PDF exports won’t display a logo.


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