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  Article updated: May 09, 2022

Customize the name and logo for your report

Customize your report name and logo to make it your own. The report name is displayed in the Analytics navigation and on exported reports. You can quickly change the report name by selecting it, and then entering a new one.

Plans: Business and Enterprise plans with the Agency add-on

Business and Enterprise plans with the Agency add-on can customize the logo (for example, use brand or client logos) for their reports. When you export a report to PDF or PPTX, report logos display at the bottom of each page. Logos also appear in emails sent with scheduled exports. If a custom logo is not added, you’ll see the Hootsuite logo.

Report logos use images from the content library. We recommend square images with dimensions of at least 100px x 100px.

Edit the report logo

  1. Go to Analytics, and then open your report.
  2. Select Edit logo to select a logo for your report.

Analytics page showing a report with Edit report logo highlighted

If a logo image is not in the content library, a warning will display in the logo area, and the logo won’t show up in your external reports.


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