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  Article updated: June 01, 2023

Save and edit drafts

You can save draft content at any time, to polish and publish later. Find and manage your drafts in Planner . Drafts with scheduled dates appear in your calendar so you can view all finished posts and works in progress in one place. You can also find a list of all drafts, with and without scheduled dates, in the Planner navigation panel.

Team, Business, and Enterprise plan members: A draft post with no social account selected is only visible to its author. A draft for a shared social account is collaborative. Other members with access to that account can see and edit the draft, and see who created it and when.

Video: Using collaborative drafts in Hootsuite.

Save a draft

You can save a draft once you add an element to the post, such as text, an image, or a social account.

There is no limit to the number of drafts you can create. Images in drafts expire after 90 days to ensure image quality at publishing time. When you try to publish a draft with an expired image, you are prompted to upload it again.

To save a draft:

  1. Go to Composer and begin creating a post.
  2. Optionally, select Schedule for later, and select a date and time for the draft so that it appears in your Planner calendar views.
  3. Select the arrow next to Post now (or Schedule), and then select Save draft.
    The expanded Post now menu in Composer, showing the Save draft option.

View and manage your drafts

In Planner , you can edit drafts to continue working on them, and then choose to save them as drafts again, or publish or schedule them. You can also delete drafts, or duplicate them and use them as templates. Keep in mind when you duplicate that social networks have strict publishing rules and often flag identical content as spam.

Working with scheduled drafts

Scheduled drafts can be managed like your other scheduled content. They appear in your calendar views with a draft indicator . Select a draft to open and view it in more detail. Then select Edit, Delete, or select More and then Duplicate to copy the draft. See Manage your content calendar for more details about managing your scheduled content.

Working with drafts in a list view

Drafts without scheduled dates appear in a drafts list in the Planner navigation. Unscheduled drafts are at the top, followed by drafts with scheduled dates.

The Drafts list view highlighted in the Planner navigation.

A graph above the list represents your volume of scheduled drafts for the month. You can view more drafts in your list by selecting a different day in the graph, or using the date options above the list. You can also hide the graph to save space.

The drafts volume graph showing some scheduled drafts throughout the current month.

To filter your drafts by account, select Social accounts, choose one or more accounts, and then select Apply. The accounts you see depend on the Hootsuite organization selected in the Planner navigation. Enterprise plan members can also select a campaign in the navigation panel to filter by Hootsuite content campaign.

Select a draft in the list to open and view it in more detail and take one of the following actions on it:

  • Select Edit to edit or reschedule as a draft, or to schedule or publish it as a post.
  • Select Delete to delete the draft.
  • Select More to duplicate the draft. Duplicating a draft copies it into Composer so you can build off the original to create a new post.
    • It's best practice to make edits to duplicate posts so they are unique. Social networks have strict publishing rules and often flag identical content as spam, especially if it’s published within a short period.
    • Tracking parameters on links also get duplicated, unless they are dynamic, so make sure to update these when duplicating posts.


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