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  Article updated: May 09, 2022

Switch from a paid plan type to a free plan

You can only sign up for one free trial of Hootsuite. But, you can change your Hootsuite trial or paid plan to a free plan at any time.

If you change a paid plan to a free plan, the change will take effect at the end of the current billing period. Note that changing from a paid plan to a free plan will result in the loss of paid plan features. For information on plan types and their features, see Overview of Hootsuite plans.

If your account is overdue or suspended, see Manage an overdue or suspended account.

Change to a free plan

  1. Free plans can manage a maximum of 2 social accounts. If you have more than 2 social accounts, you must first remove one of those social accounts. For instructions, see Remove a social account.
  2. If you are a member of an organization, you must first leave that organization. For instructions, see Leave an organization.
  3. Go to My profile, and then select Manage my plan.
    My profile menu with the plan and account settings area highlighted.
  4. Select Manage my Subscription, select Change my plan, and then select Downgrade in the Free section. You will have access to all of the paid plan features until the current billing period ends. Optionally, you may do either of the following:
    • Start or stop automatically renewing your subscription - Your subscription is set to automatically renew if this feature is on. If you turn off automatic renewal and your subscription expires, you will be directed to the billing page when you log in. Here, you can re-enable your paid subscription or switch to a Free plan.
    • Delete your Hootsuite account - Expand the Delete my account section to delete your account. You will lose access to Hootsuite (even if you are on a paid plan). The email associated with the account will not be available to use with another Hootsuite account. Consider switching to a free plan for continued Hootsuite access. Team, Business, and Enterprise plan members - If you created an organization in your account, or you are a super admin, you must first delete the organization or change its ownership before deleting your account. See Delete an organization.
      Billing page with manage my subscription area highlighted.

If you experience problems switching your plan type or deleting your account, please follow the instructions to clear your cache using the steps found in Troubleshoot display issues , and then try again.

Note: If you upgraded to Professional through the mobile app, you need to change your plan type and cancel your mobile subscription through the mobile app as well. For more information, see the following articles:


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