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  Article updated: November 10, 2021

Manage failed ad campaigns

Campaigns can fail to publish for different reasons (for example, if Facebook detects a copyright issue in one or more of your creative assets). Publishing can also sometimes fail on the first attempt, but works on subsequent attempts.

Hootsuite Ads automatically attempts to re-publish each failed campaign several times. If publishing continues to be unsuccessful, we investigate the cause and notify you within 48 hours, with tips to get your campaign published.

Tip: You may also find details on your failed ad campaign in your Facebook Ads Manager account.

To accommodate potential publication delay, or an ad not being approved by Facebook, we recommend setting campaigns to start a day early.

If your campaign fails to publish, and you decide you do not want to publish, you can delete the campaign.

Important: Deleting a campaign also deletes all of its ads and adsets. You cannot restore deleted campaigns.

Delete a failed campaign

  1. On the Hootsuite Ads home page, select Your campaigns,and then select Select a campaign.
  2. In the Campaign Status column, select Failed, and then select Apply filter.
  3. Select the box to the left of the campaign, and then select Delete.


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