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  Article updated: August 15, 2022

Organize campaigns with tags

You can use tags to organize your Facebook ad campaigns. Tags are useful for categorizing your campaigns based on any naming structure you choose.

For example, marketing agencies can use tags to organize campaigns by client name, to simplify report and invoice creation. Or you can tag a campaign based on country, season, or where the campaign fits in your overall campaign funnel.

You can add or remove tags to a campaign at any time. Once you apply your tags, you can view a dashboard of all the tags you are using, across all of your campaigns. You can also view a dashboard for each tag that shows aggregate data for the campaigns that use the same tag.

You can also generate reports by campaign tag in the report generator, to compare the performance of different campaigns with the same tags. See Create PDF reports for ad campaigns for more information.

Add tags to a new campaign

  1. In Hootsuite Ads, select New campaign.
  2. Enter the campaign name and select an ad account, then enter the tag(s) for the campaign.
    Example of new campaign with campaign name, ad account, and tags.
  3. Complete and publish the campaign as usual.

Add tags to an existing campaign

You can add (or remove) tags to an existing campaign at any time.

  1. In Hootsuite Ads, select Your campaigns to view your existing campaigns.
  2. Select a campaign from the list.
  3. In the Campaign details section of the campaign page, add or remove tags as required.
    Campaign details with example settings.

View all campaign tags

You can view all of the tags applied across your ad campaigns, and view aggregate results for campaigns that use the same tag.

  1. In Hootsuite Ads, select Your tags.
  2. Select a tag in the list to open a detailed view of aggregated data for the campaigns that use that tag.

    Note: The tags displayed depend on the ad account you have selected.


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